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In a world that changes every day, you cannot stay standing still. We help organisations transform and excel.

Diederick van Mierlo

Diederick van Mierlo

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We drive change and get everyone on board. When everyone understands what needs to be changed and why, then change really comes from inside out. Our Turn-around & Restructuring community has been formed to assure quality and experience and to be able to provide high-quality services. Boer & Croon has been specialising in major change trajectories, restructuring and recovery for decades. Boer & Croon has a very extensive track record in major restructurings and high-profile rescue operations as well as smaller projects involving industrial companies, service providers and non-profit organisations.

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When everyone understands what needs to be changed and why, then change really comes from inside out. This is the only way to achieve long-lasting results.

Associate partners

Our Turn-around & Restructuring Community is made up of ten Associate Partners, renowned experienced directors and change managers who are exclusively affiliated with Boer & Croon. They can be called upon to deal with the following matters:
  • Implementation and guidance of reorganisations/restructuring
  • Restoration and recovery projects
  • Providing experienced managers/directors who can fulfil the role of CEO/CRO/CFO/change manager and guide financing/refinancing
  • Guidance on the sale of sections/a company
  • Legal support, amongst other things, for collapsed and pre-pack administration
  • Restoring the confidence of financiers/banks
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Management Solutions

  • Screening (quick scan) aimed at mapping out the market, strengths and weaknesses, management, liquidity/return/financing, culminating in a plan of action
  • Supporting management and specialists
  • Where necessary, we cooperate with strategy consultants, insolvency lawyers, M&A advisors, accountants or other specialists.
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