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Our Transformation and Restructuring group was created in order to ensure a high level of quality and experience and to deliver excellent services. The specialists working in this division are all highly experienced and have chosen to share their combined knowledge and experience and provide their services through a professional platform.
For many decades now, Boer & Croon has specialised in large-scale change processes, corporate restructuring and recovery projects. We have a strong track record in large-scale restructuring operations and high-profile rescue operations, as well as being experienced in smaller-scale projects for industrial companies, service providers and not-for-profit organisations.



Our services are based on a leading managerial role, designed to be able to quickly and effectively intervene in crisis situations, disputes and corporate restructuring operations. Our general approach is to tailor our services to the individual situation, as well as to make an impact by assigning a team of experts when necessary.

We provide the following types of services (list is not exhaustive):

  • Managing and supervising corporate reorganisations/restructuring operations
  • Resolution and corporate recovery projects
  • Providing experienced managers and/or directors who can take on the role of CEO/CRO/CFO/change manager
  • Quick scans designed to identify key characteristics of the market, strengths and weaknesses, management, liquidity/efficiency/financing resulting in an action plan
  • Supporting management and specialists
  • Managing financing/refinancing
  • Managing and supervising the sale of individual divisions/companies
  • Legal support (including in restructuring operations where the viable entities are preserved, and pre-packaged insolvencies)
  • Restoring trust in financiers and banks

We work with strategy consultants, insolvency lawyers, M&A advisors, auditors and other specialists where necessary.

Our services are generally engaged by the company’s Supervisory Board, Board of Directors or shareholders.


We believe in a personalised and flexible approach. We are always willing to work with shareholders, supervisors, management and the credit management departments of banks, and we comply with the governance rules applicable to each situation. We always draw on the results of prior research by external advisors, knowhow available within the company, and so on. We will never assign more people to a project than is necessary in order to achieve our objective, nor fewer than are required to be effective.

We generally start out with an assessment (which may take anywhere from two to six weeks depending on the situation and the project’s complexity) and draft an action plan once this process is completed. This is a crucial time for the client and ourselves, in which we must gain approval for our strategy used during the follow-up stage. If we cannot reach agreement with the client for whatever reason, we terminate the partnership. The various stages of the follow-up process are clearly defined, including specific input and a clear time frame and schedule.

Assurance of Quality and Experience

Boer & Croon applies strict quality controls when accepting new specialists for its projects, as well as in managing these projects. We ensure the quality of the work performed through knowledge transfer, peer review, and formal reports and documentation. In partnership agreements with the specialists responsible for implementation, they must comply with the working arrangements, documentation and reporting requirements, and the Boer & Croon Code of Conduct.

Compensation and Fees

We make sure there is full transparency regarding our compensation and the fees we charge, and we are willing to assume responsibility for the results and have our fee depend on this to some extent. In special situations (i.e. recovery), we will request advance payment of our hours and fees.


Boer & Croon has a number of dedicated partners with whom we work on a regular basis, including:

  • Boer & Croon Corporate Finance for financial screening, models, financing and refinancing advice, and M&A
  • QVARTZ for advice on strategy and digital transformation
  • EIM (Excellence in Management), our international network for managers and interim managers
  • Restructuring departments of the Big Four audit firms
  • Insolvency solicitors

Our People

Several experienced directors and change managers are exclusively under contract with Boer & Croon; you can also contact them directly to schedule appointments.
The Boer & Croon Partners responsible for these services are Eelco Koehoorn and Jos Zandhuis. You can contact them for further information, to request a personalised proposal, or to schedule appointments.

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