People Excellence

How can you get employees on board for a change of course within your organisation? Are you struggling to bring in the right people and keep talented staff on board? Or are you looking for a way to shape the employee journey in the best possible way? Boer & Croon helps you to formulate and come up with answers to these types of People Excellence questions.

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  • How do we get our people on board in a change of course for the organisation?
  • How do we develop our managers into leaders?
  • How do we bring in the right people and hold on to these talents?
  • How do we achieve the desired culture change?
  • How can we optimise the employee journey within our organisation?


  • Project/programme manager
  • Interim Manager
  • Change manager
  • Agile coach
  • Team coach
  • Employee experience expert
  • Change Communication Specialist
  • Quartermaster
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With 30 years of HR experience, Boer & Croon has been making a difference for 30 years.

Management Solutions

People Excellence in change:

Organisations are constantly growing and evolving. Goals change and new partnerships and skills are needed. People need to be taken along in this, and they need to adapt. This does not always happen by itself. We facilitate organisations to effectively take their people with them in change that will last. By setting up change trajectories that have a clear strategy and structure, in which attention is paid to the development of leadership, culture and (change) communication.

People Excellence in practice:

When people are mobilised in the best possible way and can use their talents to the best of their abilities, they feel more connected to the organisation and contribute more." And that leads to better results. We help organisations to achieve this by setting up or optimising the employee journey. We always do this in co-creation with the staff members.

Leadership and management:

Leadership and management do not always mean the same thing in practice. Yet both are essential for engaging people, achieving results and driving through change. We help organisations in developing the managers and leaders of the future. By facilitating or by assuming the role of (for example ) an interim manager ourselves. We are both curious and energetic in this role. We bring a tailor-made approach to the organisation and the team. We are sociable, smart and really get things done. Together with the organisation, we create lasting results and we only leave when the organisation is able to carry on under its own steam.

Interim Management

An important part of the People Excellence solution is the close cooperation with a flexible interim shell and our HR Community. The HR Community is made up of highly experienced (interim) HR directors. The Interim Community is the flexible shell that can be mobilised for the expertise and manpower that's needed. We often act as HR directors, strategic HR advisors or programme managers. We immerse ourselves in organisations and, together with the management, we translate your corporate strategy into a people-oriented strategy and realise this with professional support provided by HR.
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Executive search

With 30 years of experience, YESS and Boer & Croon know the HR domain like no one else. We are active in Executive Search for HR Directors, HR Business Partners and in the various HR specialisms, such as Management & Leadership Development, Recruitment and Diversity & Inclusion. Apart from that, we can help with Management Assessments, for example in cases of mergers or reorganisations.

“When people are mobilised in the best possible way and can use their talents to the best of their abilities, they feel more connected to the organisation and contribute more.”

Maritta van Evert, Manager People Excellence

Would you like to know more?

Heeft u vragen over People Excellence? Neem dan contact op met Margreth Jonk of Edith Koetsier (Executive Search), Haico Spijkerboer en Ine Frings (Interim Management) of Mariska Seijsener (Management Solutions).

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