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Direct action. Taking a sharp and fresh approach to a problem. And implementing the solution together. With sustainable results. That is what we stand for. Is your profitability under pressure, or are you struggling to realise growth with existing resources? Are you looking for a way to create a powerful team that is continuously looking for and realising improvements? We offer the solution, together with your team. The focus is on people and results. We get it done!

'We know all about change in operational worlds'.

Haico Spijkerboer, Partner

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Inventory Excellence

Inventory Excellence focuses on four areas: inventory strategy, excess stock = frozen money, wasted costs and effort, and identifying problems in other departments. Using various tools, we map current inventory, costs and metrics. We then review inventory policies and reduce excess stock. Finally, we ensure new management systems are embedded, monitored and improved.

Operational Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence (ODD) improves business results by optimising operations. ODD provides critical insight into how bottlenecks in production can be identified and resolved to increase throughput, streamline inventory management and optimise operating costs for better EBITDA.

Improve business results with Operational Due Diligence

Maintenaince Excellence

Maintenance Excellence proposition transforms your maintenance approach, aligning departments, saving costs and pursuing strategic goals. Our approach reduces downtime, transforms maintenance from cost- to value-based, manages deteriorated assets and optimises resources. Our hands-on methodology is based on ISO 55000 and the Maintenance Excellence framework and delivers measurable results for key metrics.

From Cost to Powerhouse: The Power of Maintenance Excellence

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increasing capacity at the bottleneck, reducing operational costs or improving service levels can quickly get bogged down in theoretical and academic analysis when what is needed is rapid improvement and action. With a practical and structured approach, we focus and guide the organisation in identifying key losses by exploring what is already available regarding data, knowledge and discussions.

Supply Chain Control Tower service

The Supply Chain Control Tower service of Boer & Croon streamlines operations by integrating data from suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. It provides real-time visibility into inventory, order status and logistics, enabling predictive analyses for disruptions. This promotes collaboration and informed decision-making, optimising the supply chain for efficiency, flexibility and improved customer service.

Sales & Operations Planning

Sales & Operations Planning is an integrated business management process through which the executive leadership team achieves continuous focus, alignment and synchronisation across all organisation functions. Boer & Croon helps to create a foundation of critical elements for Supply Chain & Operations within your organisation, both with a solid foundation of technical elements and ensuring the right behaviour, integration and decision-making.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is an organisation's desire to excel in customer service. Benefits include shorter lead times, higher productivity and lower costs, engaged employees and satisfied customers. With our hands-on approach, Boer & Croon helps your organisation grow in Operational Excellence according to the theory of Lean Six Sigma.

Motivation & activation

Motivation & Activation proposition provides guidelines for employee engagement and retention. By implementing strategies that align with individual motivations it cultivates a sense of commitment and enthusiasm among employees. This proposition focuses on creating an environment where employees feel valued, increasing satisfaction, productivity and long-term retention. To achieve this, various programs can be introduced, such as gamification.
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Interim Management

Without exception, our pool of interim COOs and CEOs consists of heavyweights: pleasant and fun people to work with, with at least ten years of experience in a position with end responsibility. They connect with your organisation or company and make a positive impact from within. Our interim managers can be deployed within the following interim positions, among others:

  • Interim COO and CEO
  • Interim (program)manager
  • Interim project- and production coördinator
  • Interim global supply chain manager
  • Interim operational procurement manager

Do you have an acute problem, or are you on the eve of a transformation, strategic change of direction, reorganisation, merger, split-off or a robust change program in an operational setting? Our CEO/COO community is the right partner for all your issues.

More about the CEO/COO community

Executive search

We offer solutions for the permanent filling of senior positions in operational environments. Boer & Croon Executive Search supports the process of continuous optimisation of the operational process by finding, for example, a suitable COO, director supply chain or head of procurement.

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