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We distinguish ourselves with talent and, above all, with guts. Tacklers, outspoken personalities with a vision. Intelligent doers with an eye for their environment. Enterprising professionals who think critically and do what is necessary. We get results. By standing at the helm or getting our hands dirty. That’s how we improve, change and innovate together with our clients. This way, change does not get stuck in ambitions but is set in motion. We get it done!


With our Strategy & Transformation solution, we support organisations with the development and implementation of strategies for complex management issues and help them achieve transformations and goals.

We temporarily strengthen management and engage teams. Whatever the issue, we ensure it is translated into an operational approach everyone understands. We don't just approach an issue strategically; we bring it to practical implementation.

We roll up our sleeves and take responsibility for the process and the project. The result? Successful realisation of stated strategic objectives, structural growth and improved results.

Our expertise

Six triggers that necessitate a strategy realignment and business transformation

Achieving dynamic growth after scaling up

Every organisation comes to a point where major changes in the business structure are needed to continue the growth that has been initiated. Or simply because shareholders and other stakeholders expect better results. Boer & Croon helps scale-ups achieve dynamic growth by reassessing strategy, shifting focus, professionalising systems and processes, and digitalisation. Scaling up also requires a different management structure and a new type of leadership.

Change management when profitability stagnates

When a company's performance is disappointing, a transformation is often needed to reverse the negative EBITDA trend. Usually, bottlenecks have already been identified by management and other stakeholders, and initiatives have already been started for things such as revenue improvement and cost optimisation. If the current organisational structure turns out to be unsuitable to drive these improvement initiatives, changes in that structure, including processes and systems, are necessary. It must also be considered whether the business strategy requires adjustments.

Boer & Croon helps to develop and implement strategic renewal to improve performance sustainably. We guide these transformations from start to finish. This allows the organisation to remain relevant and competitive in the future.

Transitioning to a suistainable future

and decarbonisation

The transition to a sustainable economy, phasing out the use of fossil fuels, is an irreversible process. It comes with strategic challenges but also with new opportunities. The energy transition requires substantial investments in existing networks and new technologies. This affects supply chains and production methods. The energy transition is accompanied by a dependence on imported raw materials for solar panels, wind turbines and batteries. We are identifying the risks of this dependence and taking steps to limit them.

Achieving ESG goals will also leave its mark on the business. Our Strategy & Transformations team helps organisations operationalise these and achieve the necessary transformation in the teams and processes.

New business models & market players

What do we need to do to be successful in the future? Companies must continuously differentiate and deliver value to customers, employees, shareholders and society. The business model may be relevant now but no longer be relevant in five years due to rapidly changing market conditions, such as technological innovations, chain disruption, increasing cost pressures, and shifting customer demands. Along with new business models, you have to deal with new market players and change the rules of the game.

To remain relevant and profitable as an organisation, we believe in timely review of business activities and investments and developing the ability to change. In a digitising world, new business models are needed. In addition, we can help companies become more strategically agile by embedding strategy and execution as a continuous adaptive process within the company. In addition to a strategic view of the market, this also requires a critical look at the internal organisation. In this way, we ensure an appropriate transformation agenda from which we realise sustainable change and capitalise on new market opportunities.

Integration and transition after M&A

Is your organisation on the eve of a strategic change of direction, reorganisation, merger or split-off? If - for example - the choice has been made to proceed with an acquisition (or a carve out), a lot is riding on the organisation. Therefore, integration (and separation) issues require a careful approach to achieve the desired outcome and realise the intended value. This starts with formulating a focused strategic approach for the coming journey. Creating a clear roadmap to bring the transition to fruition is an important next step. Using our proven program approach, we ensure the final realisation.

Structural staff shortage

In almost every industry, private, public, and semi-public, there is an acute shortage of skilled employees. In particular, this applies to technical staff and competent IT personnel. With the help of an operating model redesign program that we have developed, we help our customers deploy current staff even more efficiently. We also offer alternatives and solutions to personnel problems. We ensure better performance with fewer staff through digitalisation and implementing more efficient processes and systems.
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