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We make the difference in the public domain. Our experience, knowledge and drive make organisations more efficient, accessible, transparent and decisive. Our team of former top officials, experienced managers, and top talent gets organisations moving by responding quickly and adequately to developments in the public sector. This is how we realise social added value. We get it done!


In the public domain, our social interests converge. In this sector, organisations are constantly on the move, often in a context between politics and governance. Think of regional and national governments, education, charity organisations, cultural institutions and (semi) public enterprises.

The role of government in society is becoming larger and more complex: in recent decades, the recourse to the government has increased. This results in social issues to which it is not always possible to formulate an unambiguous answer. Think of questions such as "How do I put the citizens at the centre of my services so that they feel seen and heard?" "How can I increase my transparency and service with digital capabilities?" or "How do I organise my work processes for the Environment Act?

For (semi)public organisations, meeting the changing expectations of citizens, businesses and politicians is becoming increasingly challenging.

Getting organisations moving: that is our expertise. Our strength lies in connecting theory and practice and achieving results quickly. We do this together in teams with the employees of the organisation. After all, they have to work with the results and are often the real experts. Together, we analyse bottlenecks, steer the project and achieve results. We do this with proven leaders and young talent driven by delivering sustainable, socially value-added value.

'We live in one of the happiest countries in the world. At the same time, there is a lot of room for improvement in public services that everyone has to deal with. That's why I work in the public domain: to solve problems that affect everyone'



In the public domain, Boer & Croon focuses on three substantive themes.


Goals change and new collaborations and skills are needed.

Organisations grow and move continuously. People need to be included in this to adapt. This does not always happen automatically. We facilitate organisations in effectively involving their people in lasting change and by designing change processes with a clear strategy and structure, paying attention to leadership development, culture and (change) communication.

When people are optimally deployed and can use their talents, they feel more connected to the organisation and contribute more. And that ensures better results.

Leadership and management do not always mean the same thing in practice. Yet both are essential for engaging people, achieving results and implementing change. We help organisations develop the managers and leaders of the future by facilitating or by fulfilling the (exemplary) role of interim manager ourselves. In this role, we are curious and energetic. We bring a tailor-made approach to the organisation and the team. We are social, intelligent and get things done. Together with the organisation, we create sustainable results, and we do not leave until the organisation can continue on its own.


Optimising services

Boer & Croon focuses on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of digital services and processes in the public domain. This means we strive to reduce manual operations and optimise existing digital systems. By deploying technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation, we can, for example, speed up the processing of permits and improve services to citizens and businesses.
Automation and digitalisation offer solace in making policy more efficient and effective. At the same time, we see that people's growth, motivation and skills remain the most essential factors for realising social added value. So, one does not go without the other either. Digitalisation is a means to optimise services within the public sector.


An urgent problem or question of a temporary nature may have permanent impact.

Crisis management requires knowledge, skill, confidence and leadership: Managing crises requires expertise, skills, confidence and leadership. This highlights the importance of a well-prepared crisis response and the ability to be flexible and creative when dealing with rapidly changing situations, both in the business world and in the public sector. Having clear procedures and communication channels and ensuring stakeholder engagement is also crucial.


With a network of partners with years of experience as managers or top government officials, we respond quickly and adequately to any questions from the public sector. Our interim managers can be deployed within various functions, including HR, Finance, Strategy and Spatial Development. We also have suitable candidates in our network for roles such as interim director, quartermaster and project and program manager.

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Nothing is more important for public organisations than having the right people in the right place. Based on integrity and expertise, we like to think and search with organisations and candidates about what and who is needed to achieve the desired results. Which candidate best fits the organisation and its social challenges?

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Contact Willemijn Broerse (Interim Management & Executive Search - North Region), Ben van der Hee or Michiel Overgaag (Interim Management & Management Consultancy) directly for more information or an introductory meeting.

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