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In a world where organisations need to adapt to stay relevant continuously, it is crucial to involve your employees in the direction of changes properly. Our People Excellence solution achieves sustainable results by putting people at the heart of change. We get it done!


Boer & Croon's People Excellence Solution helps organisations turn the HR agenda into concrete results. We make organisations excel by allowing their people to excel. We do this with our proven results-oriented approach, emphasising sustainable change from the inside out.

We are often described as a temporary 'driver of change'; we provide organisations with new perspectives, knowledge, drive and capacity. While we focus on delivering results, we keep ownership at the organisation's heart. This leads to support and ensures that the changes made are implemented sustainably.

In everything we do, we focus on the human side of organisations. Hence, the name of our solution: People Excellence. An organisation's success depends on its employees' motivation and performance. With this people-oriented approach, we connect with all levels within the organisation. We provide the right direction and a clear organisational structure. This includes clear communication to make the necessity and goals of the change evident to everyone.

We pay great attention to involving people in organisational change. Several issues play a central role in this. How does HR anticipate the future? How does change become an improvement? How do we transform managers into tomorrow's inspiring leaders? By always starting from the competencies and needs of your people, together, we can shape your organisation's future.

Our expertise

In our assignments, we always consider the need to maintain a healthy balance between strategy and people. On the one hand, the organisational objectives and strategy underlying that transformation. On the other, the people who carry the transformation must ensure that it sticks.

Future-proof HR organisation 2.0

Is your HR organisation ready for the future? We analyse the organisation, people, expertise and technology. Based on the results, we jointly draw up an HR optimisation plan. We then implement this step by step. The result is a solid basis for healthy organisational growth.

People in a changing organisation

Organisations grow and move continuously. Goals change, and new collaborations and skills are needed. Employees need to be included in this and adapt. We take such transformations forward with an eye for both the hard and the soft side of HR. Together with the client, we shape the change processes with a clear strategy and structure, attention to leadership development, culture and change communication.


Leadership is one of the most influential factors in an organisation's success. Our leadership development methodology combines knowledge sessions with interactive workshops to help managers grow into tomorrow's leaders. Discover different leadership styles, learn to communicate effectively and develop the skills needed to motivate and inspire others.


Our approach depends entirely on the client's specific request. In the most common cases, we proceed as follows:


When arriving at a company, we first thoroughly analyse the current situation, and then critically evaluate the client's request for help. When it relates explicitly to an HR department, we deploy our in-house developed People Excellence Quick Scan.


The moment we have a good understanding of the situation and the request for help, we start working with the organisation on goal setting: where do we want to be?

Set up

Now that the current and desired situation has been determined, we -together with the organisation- set up a detailed plan to realise this transformation successfully.


During the plan's realisation, we remain involved as change agents until the result has been achieved and can be sustainably secured in the organisation.

Executive Search

With 30 years of experience, YESS and Boer & Croon know the HR domain like no other. We are active in Executive Search for HR Directors, HR Business Partners and in various HR specialisms, such as Management & Leadership Development, Recruitment and Diversity & Inclusion. In addition, we can help with Management Assessments, for example, mergers or reorganisations.

Interim Management

An important part of the People Excellence solution is the close cooperation with our HR Community, which consists of highly experienced (interim) HR directors. As a flexible interim shell around it, our interim community can be deployed for the required expertise and manpower. We often operate as HR directors, strategic HR advisors or programme managers. We empathise with organisations, and together with management, we translate your business strategy into the people strategy and realise it with professional support from HR.

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