Management Consultancy

Boer & Croon partners organisations that want to improve their operations, services, customer satisfaction, and performance. We work for ánd with directors and teams of leading companies and (semi-)public institutions on solutions for their most mission-critical management issues.


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Management Consultancy

We make a difference when the current approach is insufficient, performance falls short of ambition, and the pressure gets too high. Boer & Croon ensures sustainable performance improvements with professionals who do the job. The result: control of the challenge and a future-proof organisation. Our promise: we get it done!

Our expertises


Growth lags behind ambition, market developments force a new direction, or management loses its grip on operations and profitability. Something needs to change in the organisation's strategy, but what are the strategic options and realistic scenarios? Our clients want to regain control of their organisation and make the best decisions but lack the in-house expertise to identify the opportunities correctly. In such situations, when urgency is high, and solutions are all-important, we ensure lasting results.

Boer & Croon offers concrete solutions for complex and mission-critical management issues. Together, we reassess the strategy, identify the main blockages and promising options, develop action plans, and supervise implementation. We always do this in co-creation with key stakeholders within the organisation. We analyse the issue and offer solution-oriented advice. Short, concise and executable. We take responsibility for the result and ensure support within the organisation, increasing the chances of success.


It is taking the strategy from theory to practice, setting up the steering model for the next growth phase, supervising a carve-out or realising a digitalisation. The strategy has been determined within the organisation, but its realisation proves difficult in practice. This requires specialist knowledge, support, capacity, and time. A lack of this can hinder promised results and cause delays.

Boer & Croon ensures the successful execution of strategic objectives. To realise a transformation, we strengthen management and involve teams with our expertise in change issues. Whatever the problem, we ensure that it is translated into an operational approach that everyone understands. A realistic transformation plan that is practical and executable. We roll up our sleeves and take responsibility for the process and the project. The result? Successful realisation of the strategic objectives, structural growth and improved performance.


Accelerating the implementation of strategic plans, leading a project or temporarily filling a role. Sometimes, an organisation needs specific help from outside, with the right competencies and additional knowledge and experience. 

Our people specialise in supervising complex programmes that are outside the day-to-day business of most organisations. They are strong, driven personalities with the power to think and realise and use their ability to connect to bring difficult issues to a successful conclusion. They share knowledge and expertise and train internal teams.

Boer & Croon ensures continuity and leaves a more robust, independent organisation.

Our network makes the difference

We are connectors at heart. Boer & Croon works with its people, interim specialists, and experienced directors from your sector. The composition of our teams depends on what your organisation already has in-house. Our people understand from personal experience which challenges an organisation faces and what expertise, knowledge, and competencies are needed to achieve the desired result. The strength of our network lies in its breadth: from former strategy consultant to entrepreneur, from secretary-general to healthcare director and from business unit manager to board member.

Strategy requires a sharp response to the challenges facing the organization. At the core of a good strategy is a clear definition of the issue, a plan of action, and a list of specific, coherent actions that derive from it. This might sound obvious, but companies and institutions often struggle to get it right.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Boer & Croon differ from other management consultancy firms?

As a Manager at Boer & Croon, you think, do and achieve tangible results. You manage a team or carry out assignments independently, in which you make a real impact. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA and therefore also in the role of Manager. In addition to the substantive assignments that you do and in which you continue to develop, you are responsible, together with your team, for further developing the solution. This includes substantive development in the area of product development, writing articles, your own responsibility in recruiting new colleagues, generating new assignments and marketing the solution.

Welke specifieke problemen kan een Management Consultant oplossen?

Management consultants kunnen helpen bij een breed scala aan problemen, zoals strategische planning, operationele efficiëntie, organisatieontwikkeling, verandermanagement en technologische integratie.

Kan een management consultant helpen bij het trainen van mijn team om verbeteringen te implementeren?

Ja, onze management consultants trainen en begeleiden jouw team om verbeteringen te implementeren en resultaat te boeken.

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