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For the past four decades, Boer & Croon has maintained close working relationships with the most talented and proven top executives in the Netherlands. They are all qualified to hold top-level roles as CEOs, CFOs and COOs on boards and executive committees or work as programme managers or process managers in complex processes.

Although they operate at the most senior corporate and organisational levels, our interim managers are all cordial and engaging personalities, and have a minimum of ten years of experience in a managerial role. They will smoothly adapt to your organisation and know how to make an impact from within.

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Successful change

Operating in a rapidly changing world and a market that requires considerable flexibility, organisations need to be able to adapt to and embrace these changes. Our efforts in recent years have focused on creating active communities of CFOs, healthcare managers, retailers, restructuring experts and HR managers. These communities – strong and modern networks of carefully selected entrepreneurs, directors and managers – allow us to proactively meet market demand. We feel the lines between interim and permanent managers have become so blurred that any rigid separation between these categories is artificial and outdated. Our strength lies in finding the appropriate staffing solution for each new project.

The people behind the roles

Boer & Croon takes on projects at the highest corporate and organisational levels, across a wide cross-section of sectors and industries. We work with a large pool of managers who share a strong drive: highly qualified professionals who know how to connect with the right people. Our database also contains many hundreds of managers who have acquired experience in the corporate world and the public sector over the past few decades.

This makes us a networking powerhouse with access to both upcoming young managerial talent and many of the leading executives in the Netherlands. We are aware of their strengths and talents and their personal drives and ambitions, and we regularly reach out to the interim managers and executives on our books to discuss their personal motivations, experience, and personal development.

Professional, driven, effective and with an aptitude for connecting with others: these are just some of the qualities we share in common with these professionals. While we certainly expect our candidates to present strong CVs and excellent references, we believe it’s ultimately personality that determines a project’s success.

Our approach

One of our Executive Managers drafts an action plan, which serves as a blueprint and benchmark for all stakeholders. We support our executives throughout each project with peer reviews, counselling and interim evaluations. During this period, candidates have access to the full range of Boer & Croon’s expertise in the sector or industry they are working in and our knowledge of your organisation. We are also responsible for monitoring quality and liaising with the client, and conduct an in-depth final evaluation at the end of the project, incorporating the knowhow and experience we acquired during previous projects.

Effectiveness combined with character

Irrespective of whether your project involves managing a large-scale change process, running a challenging programme, negotiating a merger, or a temporary demand for extra talent, we are aware that you need to succeed in your mission and want to be certain you get the right people on board. Boer & Croon provides you with strategic solutions and the right balance between knowhow, maturity, professional level and character.

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