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We are team players and would like to work with you to assemble a winning team. Every single time. With a sharp strategy, the right attitude, intelligent data analyses, and the latest technology. Finance is the backbone of every organisation. The conscience, the knowledge centre, the spider in the web where all the information comes together.

That's why it's important to have a well-oiled team. Who sees opportunities from miles away and knows how to absorb a tackle without damaging the defence. We would like to help you set up that new finance function, a strategic business partner for the board. We get it done!

'A well-oiled finance department is the backbone of any organisation.'


Our Finance & Technology team focuses on the substantive agenda of the CFO, CIO, and CTO with our executive search, interim management, and consulting services. We help the CFO transform his team into a strategic business partner for the board. By recognising improvement opportunities, restructuring finance processes, and introducing new ways of working. Technology is the necessary tool to support decisions. A good CFO not only reports based on the right data. The right analysis of that data also allows the CFO to make valuable contributions to strategic decisions.

We offer solutions for the following topics: Analysis & Process Optimisation, Consolidation & Corporate Reporting, Enterprise Performance Management, Data & Management Information, Management Reporting Optimisation, Software Selection & Implementation, Future Financials, and Finance & Technology Transformation.We are not on the sidelines but act as a team player. Together with our clients' people, we work on results. This makes our solutions sustainable.

We support the CFO, CIO, and CTO with our expertise


Successful companies invest in innovation and transformation to adapt to changing circumstances. This requires us to adjust strategy and formulate new goals. We help organisations realise these ambitions. To be well prepared for today's and tomorrow's challenges with improved agility and manageability.


The three pillars of an organisation are its people, processes, and technology. We analyse and work with our clients to optimise financial and IT processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


We select and implement the right technology and automation to achieve strategic business goals. This starts with an IT roadmap, business requirements analysis, and software vendor selection. This is followed by project management for the implementation and acceptance project. We ensure that the business is ready for digitisation.

Pension contract

The pension system is on the eve of its most significant transformation since its introduction. Currently, pension investors, asset managers, and pension administration offices work independently. Soon, when the new pension contract comes into effect, the current system will undergo a major overhaul. At the same time, pension funds must comply with ESG regulations, and digitalisation has gained momentum. Given these developments, we have managed to secure a team of experts who can solve these issues sustainably.

We help pension funds and pension administrator organisations transition to the new pension contract. To this end, we first establish an overarching architecture within which the various domains can work together. Such a holistic approach makes it possible to organise, invest, and adjust in a targeted way. This applies to the processes, the IT setup, and the services. Such a comprehensive change process starts with critically evaluating the organisational structure and clearly defining responsibilities.

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'Our realisation power comes from our proven methodology, strong partnerships, and expertise in finance.'

Interim Management

For interim management, we work with our CFO community, which consists of seasoned financial professionals who have held various (interim) positions at various organisations. All with different and complementary experiences. The key word is execution: fast analysis and immediate implementation of improvements. In addition, all interim managers have specialities within the broader finance spectrum, from Private Equity and M&A to IT & Data and finance.

More about the CFO community

Executive Search

Finance & Technology is a prominent field of work in any business. Today's CFO works with continuous change, fuelled partly by technologies and big data. Boer & Croon Executive Search finds the forward-looking CFO and the group of managers below. We are active in fields such as Accounting, Reporting, and Controlling, but also explicitly in Strategy & M&A and Business Data & analytics.

'Boer & Croon delivers both proven leaders from the CFO network as young finance talent to keep your company financially healthy.'

Eelco Koehoorn, Partner

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More information about the possibilities we can offer your organization? Fill out the contact form or contact Margreth Jonk (Executive Search), Eelco Koehoorn (Interim Management), Johan Traa or Kees-Jan van Vliet (Management Consultancy).

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