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An interim manager from Boer & Croon increases your organisation's decisiveness considerably. They help you achieve strategic goals, resolve crises, manage a large change process, complete a merger, or temporarily strengthen the fortress. Boer & Croon gives you appropriate solutions and the optimal combination of knowledge, level, and character. People who take the helm and hand it over when the job is finished. We get it done!

Since our founding in 1973, we have had an intensive relationship with the Netherlands' best top managers, who can be deployed as CEO, CFO, COO, CCO and CHRO, on boards and boards of directors, or in the role of program manager or process manager in complex projects. We carry out assignments to the highest level at organisations in all possible sectors, both in business and the (semi)public sector.

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Our interim managers are substantive heavyweights and inspiring personalities. Socially skilled people with at least ten years of experience in a position of final responsibility. They make a positive impact from the inside out.

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