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Boer & Croon has acquired extensive experience and expertise over the decades. Represented throughout the Netherlands with 10 partners, we can build and maintain close working relationships with our clients and business associates, always with a focus on personal interaction. Our approach is based on fostering trust through personal relationships and in-depth advice

We have specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Transformation, Restructuring and Recovery
  • Governance, disputes and Management Structures
  • Compiling Board of Directors and Supervisory Board
  • Governance Conflicts
  • Integration, Demergers and Partnerships
  • Management Operations and IT Investment
  • People & Team Development

In each of these areas, we are expert partners who can share our knowhow and experience in a variety of roles. Our services are generally engaged by the company’s Supervisory Board or Board of Directors. Our partners, who are specialised in the relevant field, and several of our associated executive managers, are available to assist you with your questions.

Strategic Business Partners

Aware that no one can possibly excel in everything, Boer & Croon has restricted its expertise to five focus areas. We know when we work best alone – and when we do well to team up with one of our strategic business partners.

Excellence in Management

That’s why we – as co-founders – have been part of EIM (Excellence in Management) for more than 20 years. EIM brings management solutions (interim managers and search) all over the world. Together with our sister organizations in other countries, Boer & Croon can provide global management solutions for our Dutch clients. EIM’s values are in keeping with our own core values and company culture: belief in people as agents of change and a driving force behind innovation and successful transitions.

Boer & Croon Corporate Finance

Our office works closely with Boer & Croon Corporate Finance (BCCF), a leading independent consultancy firm specialising in mergers, acquisitions, appraisals and financing throughout the Benelux region. They represent integrity, engagement and in-depth sector-driven knowledge – all the qualities Boer & Croon values in its business partners.


In order to be able to provide our clients with the highest-quality knowhow and expertise, the best advice and implementation process, we also look beyond national boundaries. This is why Boer & Croon has entered into a partnership with the Nordic strategy consultants QVARTZ. With offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, New York, Singapore, Hamburg and Amsterdam, we can take on any international project.

QVARTZ has specific expertise in, commercial excellence, digital transformation and operational performance improvement. QVARTZ puts people first: their consulting style is practical, they work from the inside in the client organisation and are open to collaboration with other parties who have complementary knowledge. Boer & Croon and QVARTZ share the same values, identity, corporate culture and approach.

Our focus

These partnerships embody our approach: we are there for you, the client. We supply the best people and best knowledge and experience, and provide a variety of staffing solutions. Instead of working from the sidelines and producing weighty reports, , we work closely with your people to provide the best possible solutions in a practical way. We take responsibility for the implementation and accept contingency fees based upon results achieved.

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