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The world around us is constantly changing; new market developments, technologies, legislation and ever-faster changing customer needs. Maintaining and/or increasing your market position, revenue, competitive advantage and customer satisfaction are not only daily matters within commercial organisations, but also within the (semi) public sector.

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We strive for growth, optimal business results, future-oriented business models, targeted product innovations and the generation of more loyal and satisfied customers. With Commercial Excellence, we focus on the two pillars: Commercial Growth & Customer Excellence. We help to achieve optimal growth and to improve commercial results. We help your organisation to put the customer first, because we believe that brand awareness, customer satisfaction and customer interaction are important drivers for the entire organisation.

“We help organisations to optimise their commercial clout for top-line improvements!”

Mariska Seijsener, Partner


From commercial or customer strategy, to realisation, we are involved from start to finish in optimising your business results and improving customer experiences. We strive towards a culture of continuous improvement and sustainable results. Discover with us where your opportunities lie and where your organisation can make a difference.


  • Advisor Customer Strategy and Commerce
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Customer Service Lead and Customer Journey Expert
  • Transformation Manager
  • Project/programme manager
  • Interim Manager
Discover where your opportunities lie and where you can make a difference.
Commercial Excellence
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Executive Search

Boer & Croon and YESS have already been active for years in the Commercial Excellence domain with Executive Searches for senior managers in the field of Sales and Marketing, but also in the various commercial specialisms, such as Business Development, Growth Marketing, Brand Development & Management, Customer Journeys, Online Marketing and Lead Generation. For forty years, we have maintained an intensive relationship with the Netherlands' best top managers, all of whom can be appointed to executive positions on executive boards and management boards or in the role of programme or process manager for complex trajectories.

Interim Management

Our interim managers are, without exception, heavyweights, easy-going and great people to work with, with at least ten years of experience in positions with final responsibility. They find a way to connect with your organisation or company and make a positive impact from the inside out.
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Management Solutions

Boer & Croon Commercial Excellence is committed to process optimisation and organisational transformation in the fields of commerce, customer value and customer focus. We work with an organisation in order to deliver sustainable results. We are analytical, executorial and unifying throughout the entire organisation. It is about how we go about it, this is what sets us apart.
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"The customer perspective is as important as ever and it is precisely in these times that it is of crucial concern"

Lisanne Gielen, Manager Commercial Excellence

Would you like to know more?

Then please get in touch with Edith Koetsier (Executive Search) Ine Frings (Interim Management) or Mariska Seijsener (Management Solutions) for more information or an introductory meeting.

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