Our Areas of Expertise

  • Expert Partners
  • Communication at a High Level
  • Experience with Complex Issues

Boer & Croon has acquired extensive experience and expertise over the decades. We possess specific expertise in the following areas:

In each of these areas, we are expert partners who can share our knowhow and experience in a variety of roles. Our services are generally engaged by the company’s supervisory board or board of directors. Our partners, who are specialised in the relevant fields, and several of our associated executive managers, are available to assist you with your questions.

Please contact one of our Partners for further information.

Restructuring and Recovery

Boer & Croon has managed, or played a key role in, numerous large-scale restructuring operations over the years in a variety of capacities. In addition to holding executive roles such as CEO and CRO, we can also put together specially formed teams based on the knowledge and experience of its members. We work closely with credit management departments at banks, private-equity firms, specialised legal experts, and trustees.
The two Boer & Croon Partners who have specialised in these areas are Eelco Koehoorn and Jos Zandhuis.

For further information, please check the Partners section of our website.

Governance and Management Structure

Our clients regularly ask us for advice or a second opinion on the required organisational structure, principles of governance, and reports (including financial reports). We have acquired experience with both large national organisations and international companies.

The first point of contact for these issues is Jos Zandhuis. For further information, please see the Partners section of the website.

Board of Directors and Supervisory Board Members

There is a growing focus on members and portfolios of, as well as appointments to, both boards of directors and supervisory boards. In addition to requesting us to provide directors or supervisory board members based on specific job profiles, we are also asked to assist in appointing all the members of the team, which includes drafting the job profiles and managing the staffing solutions.

The two Boer & Croon partners who have specialised in this area are Eelco Koehoorn and Jos Zandhuis (profit sector) and Seerp Leistra (not-for-profit sector).

For further information, please see the Partners section.

Governance Disputes

As an impartial third party, we are available to mediate in disputes involving boards of directors and supervisory boards. We can provide support in getting things back on track or in providing a solution. We work closely with the existing team and form our own opinion. If we are unable to get everyone on the same page, we explain, in specific terms, how to best act in the company’s interest, in some cases working together with external behavioural experts and solicitors.

The first point of contact for these issues is our Partner Jos Zandhuis. For further information about him, please see the Partners section of the website.

Integration, Demergers and Partnerships

Clients engaged in mergers, acquisitions or demergers often engage our services – not only to solve the attendant management issues, but also to provide advice and guide and support the process. We do this in roles as temporary directors (both executive and non-executive) or programme directors, by setting up a project bureau or through membership of a steering committee.

Please contact one of our Partners for further information.

Management Operations and IT Investment

This is a broad area in which many of our consultants have specialised. While the projects we take on tend to be concerned with operational excellence, supply-chain issues, security or large-scale IT investments, we adopt an alternative approach. For one, we maintain and update an ‘experience database’ of managers who have gained relevant knowledge and experience in highly specialised areas or sectors, so that we can make this available to our clients. Secondly, we assume the roles of programme managers or supervisors who are responsible for management, progress in the change process, and cost management.

Please contact one of our Partners for further information.

People & Team Development

From Flexible Use of Young Talent to Long-Term Development

Demographic ageing is creating a growing, long-term shortage of qualified staff at all levels of organisations, while at the same time flexible employment contracts are becoming increasingly common in the job market. Through its dual strategy of the flexible employment of young, well-rounded management talent and the strategic long-term development of employees within organisations, Young Executive Management has been addressing these issues for over 20 years.

Long-Term Development through People & Team Development

We support a variety of organisations in the strategic integration and implementation of processes related to talent management, taking into account the organisation’s strategic objectives. Boer & Croon assists and supports organisations in managing strategic HR issues. We focus on the long-term development of individual employees and teams through our services related to consultancy, training and coaching/executive coaching.

We can provide support in the following areas:

  • Generation Management: attracting and retaining young professionals (consultancy and ‘custom-made’ workshops)
  • Development and implementation of talent development programmes (quick scans and efficiency tests)
  • Advice on issues related to talent management (including recruitment and promotion)
    • Recruitment issues
    • Succession planning
    • Management Development programme
  • Coaching at various levels.

For further information about People & Team Development or to schedule an informal appointment, please contact Jaap Heeringa at +31 (0)20 301 4054 | j.heeringa@boercroon.nl.

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