Retail & FMCG

Retail & Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Boer & Croon provides support to various Retail, Food and Consumer Goods companies. We approach each new project as though we are working for two clients: the actual client and the end consumer. At Boer & Croon, we believe that, if the consumer is served by our solution, the client will follow automatically.

This might include improving the online shopping experience, speeding up the transport process and streamlining the purchasing process. Boer & Croon has extensive experience with these and other trends and developments within the retail and FMCG sectors.

Trends in the retail market

  • The ongoing challenge of narrowing the gap between manufacturers/suppliers and consumers despite the growing distance to consumers. “Who buys my products and how can I continue to reach this demographic?”
  • Globalisation and the emergence of local models. Despite the need for scale and cost-effectiveness, it remains important to make local considerations with regard to sourcing, production and sales and for suppliers and customers to build close relationships in order to increase the efficiency of supply.
  • Providing the appropriate quantities on demand
  • Data as the hidden treasure of organisations. “Do I know my client and can I track their behaviour to the extent that I would like?”

Boer & Croon Services
In order to turn these and other trends into opportunities, Boer & Croon has built a strong network of retail and FMCG specialists at the executive and managerial levels, and the level immediately below. We also employ a team of highly trained Young Managers who are accustomed to acting as liaisons between the strategic and operational ends of organisations, combining authentic entrepreneurship with the ability to identify opportunities within your organisation. We can also draw on a pool of young talent: our Young Executives. They are consultants and managers in one, which means that, rather than standing on the sidelines, they can make change happen from within.

Sample projects
Boer & Croon is currently working on, and in the past has completed, projects for a wide variety of clients. We have provided a selection of these projects below.

Innovation/R&D projects at the following companies:

  • Friesland Campina
  • Van Geloven

Launch new line:

  • Kennemervis Groep
  • Farm Frites

Committed partners

Jaap Heeringa | +31 6 531 71 554

“The retail and FMCG markets are very dynamic. Competition is fierce, and new advances in digital technology make for a constantly changing industry. I find my job very challenging and exciting, and I really enjoy working with the client to ensure that the right people are appointed to the right positions.”

Mariska Seijsener | +31 6 531 71 554

“Retail and FMSG are two of the most innovative industries around. New digital consumer channels, more direct production and transport lines and the circular economy: these are all trends that affect the sector. This requires knowhow, the right managers, and a good balance of thinkers and doers. The great challenge for me is finding the right fit.”

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