Public sector and Education

Boer & Croon supports a large cross-section of non-governmental and other not-for-profit organisations in solving a variety of management issues.

This includes:

  • Cultural organisations
  • Housing corporations
  • Primary school boards
  • Regional Educational Colleges
  • Colleges and universities

The public sector is expected to assume responsibility for their social enterprise policies. We have also noted that a growing number of organisations are interested in prioritising their mission and purpose over profit-making alone. This requires that boards of educational institutions, housing corporations, cultural institutions and other not-for-profit organisations keep reassessing their strategies, leading to the creation of new organisation types and partnerships. This has also increased the importance of professional management and supervision. Codes for good governance have therefore been drafted in a number of sectors, while increasingly terms are agreed for professionalisation of supervision.

Committed partners

Seerp Leistra | +31 (0)6 215 772 45

“What I like about working with these sectors is the opportunity you are given to make a positive social impact. Our thorough selection and extensive network ensure that the most qualified director or interim manager is available in the right place in the market. This will serve the public interest.”

Maurice Hoogeveen | +31 (0)6 122 788 33

“Finding a balance between returns and the organisation’s mission, especially being exposed, as we are, to the glare of public scrutiny, makes it a challenge to find the right fit. Fortunately, thanks to my experience in the public sector, I always manage to do just that.”

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