Public Administration

Within the Public Administration sector, Boer & Croon is an experienced partner to local and provincial authorities, water management boards and their various partnerships, as well as to the central government. In addition, Boer & Croon also regularly provides its expertise to independent governing bodies, agencies and other organisations operating in the public domain.

This may take on the following forms and capacities:

  • Experienced managers who can fill temporary managerial positions
  • Programme and project managers for specific assignments
  • Young Executives to provide support work or take on more operational assignments
  • Supervision during search processes
  • Our team of partners with years of experience as public administrators or high-level civil servants working for various government entities enables us to respond quickly and effectively to all requests from the public sector.

Government authorities in the Netherlands are faced with a significant challenge, operating in an environment where increased automation and digitisation provides opportunities to organise both the policymaking process and the performance of duties more efficiently and effectively and where responsibilities and processes increasingly serve as the basis for structuring the organisation. Changing ideas about the role of the government and a new division of duties between governments in the social domain and, in the future, in urban planning as well, calls for employees who are able to work within networks and with different groups of stakeholders. The game has remained the same, but the rules have changed, which poses a number of challenges to the board and management.

Betrokken partners

Seerp Leistra | +31 (0)6 215 772 45

“The world of public administration is more dynamic than people might think. There are numerous challenges to contend with: digitisation, the streamlining of processes and procedures, new responsibilities, and engaging directly with the public – all of which should preferably be accomplished at a lower budget. This calls for competent and ethical administrators who are conscious of their public duty.”


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