Within the Healthcare sector, Boer & Croon focuses on both hospital care and other forms of healthcare, including institutions for mental health care, care for the elderly, health services for people with disabilities, and youth health services.

The Dutch healthcare system has been in constant flux in recent years, and this situation is not likely to change over the next few years. With an increase in both healthcare demand and financial pressure, many institutions are compelled to reassess their organisation and change their strategy and focus. This has an impact on strategy, external partnerships, leadership and the role of support services. These latter services support line management as business partners, making it easier for the primary processes to define their self-organising role. All these issues present substantial challenges to supervisory boards, directors, officers and upper management, both in terms of structure and in terms of organisational culture.

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“I am personally committed to creating a connection between all parties operating in the healthcare sector, both directly and tangentially, who need each other but who appear to have conflicting interests.”



Examples of Boer & Croon projects in healthcare

Portfolio projects of Executive Management in healthcare

  • Acting member of the management board of an organisation specialising in healthcare, welfare and residential services and providing a comprehensive package of healthcare services, including domestic services, home care services, care home and nursing home care, youth health services and social work. The project involved repositioning the group companies and contributing to the organisation-wide transition from columns to regions and to other key policy areas.
  • Acting member of the board of a newly established hospital (following a merger). The project involved focusing on the future, restoring faith in the working relationship with medical staff; outsourcing of laboratory services and the reorganisation of the financial role.
  • Information manager tasked with investigating the option of building an oncology centre as part of an alliance between two hospitals.
  • Change manager in the reorganisation process of a mental health care organisation in the central Netherlands.
  • Change manager/process manager for an industry association, tasked with making the regional offices and directors aware of the strategic policy and the positions of the board and managers.
  • Chair of the Management Board of a general hospital in the south of the Netherlands. The focus of the project was on working with a member of the Management Board on making choices within the hospital’s portfolio, following up on the long-term accommodation plan, and a special focus on changes in finances, quality levels and safety levels.
  • Process supervisor overseeing a merger between two organisations for elderly care.

Portfolio projects of our Young Executives in healthcare

  • Board secretary for an organisation specialising in youth services. Also tasked with defining HR policy at the strategic and tactical levels and exploring opportunities for transferring/hiving off the various support departments (PIOFA) of sub-organisations to the group.
  • Acting unit director of the operating theatre of a leading Dutch research hospital, responsible for the logistics teams and facilities department. Following a thorough reorganisation and relocation, the processes were optimised, the team was reorganised, services were significantly improved, and partnerships with supply-chain partners were reorganised.

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