Energy & Utilities

In the Energy & Utilities industry, we maintain an across-the-board focus on:

  • The exploitation, production, processing and distribution of oil and natural gas
  • The production and distribution of electricity based on fossil fuels and renewables

The energy industry is a capital-intensive sector with a long-term horizon and substantial investments needs. However, the energy market now also has its disruptors, new companies that either generate energy or are in the utilities business. This brings uncertainty. Older companies with vested interests have to adept. Furthermore, the energy infrastructure has been undergoing a transformation, including the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, sustainability, an obsolete infrastructure and a growing dependence on oil and gas imports.

These problems call for international solutions, but even after the Paris Climate Agreement, solutions are difficult to implement. There exists a conflict of interest between regulators and other authorities on the one hand, and producers and operators on the other. Consumers are becoming more assertive and expect reliable and affordable energy. More consumers are changing providers more readily, and we are seeing the introduction of technologies such as smart meters and online applications.

In other words, there is uncertainty regarding the future, with changes occurring rapidly, including numerous interdependencies. All these changes present a significant challenge for players in the energy industry and peripheral sectors. Yet the industry also offers many opportunities and close interactions with society, which calls for people who are visionary, courageous and persuasive. Boer & Croon is involved in all these areas and supports both policymakers and operators by supplying professionals who can make the difference.

Committed partners and associates

Jos Zandhuis | +31 (0)6 547 925 98

“While the major contrasts between traditional and renewable energy generation and the cut-throat competition and new opportunities involved are all fascinating, it is mainly the social relevance of this sector that makes it such an exciting industry. It’s the reason I love being part of it.”

Project examples

Boer & Croon has taken on many projects in the energy industry in recent years in the Netherlands and beyond. We have provided a selection of these projects below.

  • Development and implementation of a new strategy and organisation of the Dutch sales operations of one of the largest utilities in the world
  • Managing the energy division of a German-based installation company
  • The positioning and development of a network of self-service petrol stations for an international oil company
  • Managing the Benelux network of petrol stations for an international oil company
  • Repositioning of one of the largest independent energy traders in the Netherlands
  • Establishing a national energy-efficiency program in the built environment
  • Supervising the sale of an energy network
  • Managing a large utility company
  • Defining an alternative strategy for the oil terminals of one of the major energy producers
  • Providing HR services to a utility company
  • Providing CFO services to a utility company
  • Operational management of a nuclear power plant and management of a large maintenance program

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