Business Services

Within the Business Services sector, we provide comprehensive services to clients in the following categories:

  • Professional service providers (auditors, consultants and legal professionals)
  • IT companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Technical installation companies
  • Maintenance and cleaning companies
  • Property companies

In the highly dynamic business services industry, current business models and market strategies no longer meet market needs and requirements and therefore need to be updated. The internet has helped to make the market more transparent, while online business has grown exponentially. Clients’ increased knowledge and experience has encouraged them to take on more work of their own and rely on their vendors for more specialised expertise. In a transparent market such as this one, profit margins are down and expenses will be consistently lower.

Boer & Croon plays a leading role in utilizing the opportunities provided by the internet and e-commerce. Adapting business models and cost structures is our core competence. We keep investing in our network of highly skilled managers who have what it takes to lead organisations undergoing change.

Committed partners

Haico Spijkerboer | +31 (0)6 317 636 96

“Disruptive competition and the growing demand for transparency in business services require greater flexibility, innovativeness and a change in the business operations of “traditional” organisations."

Jos Zandhuis | +31 (0)6 547 925 98

"It is the impact of the internet and IT, more than anything, that is transforming the business services industry. The sheer amount of information now available and the transparency this has created has radically changed consumer behaviour. Business models and structures need to be updated regularly, but I’m excited by – and enjoy being involved in – new opportunities more than anything."


Sample projects

Examples of projects we have completed for clients operating in the business services industry:

  • CFO position (started out as a temporary role before turning into a permanent position) at an international supplier of elevating work platforms. We also filled several national and international management positions.
  • Established and staffed full new Supervisory Board for a newspaper publisher.
  • Director of Business Services for a major telecommunications company.
  • CEO who started out on a recovery project, following by a restructuring operation and who subsequently managed the company’s sales operations as part of a multi-year project at a medium-sized IT company.
  • CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) at a large engineering firm.
  • CEO and other management positions held at a large property company in financial distress.
  • CEO in charge of a large division specialising in technical services.
  • CFO overseeing a delisting process and leading the transformation of a telecoms company.
  • CFO at a waste processing company.
  • Supervised the merger of two major organisations specialising in games of chance/lotteries, involving several management support positions.

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