Boer & Croon offers proven talent a challenging role as a Manager. A combination of complex assignments, specialist knowledge and in-house entrepreneurship offers you the opportunity to significantly develop yourself.

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"Being a manager at Boer & Croon is dynamic and challenging with great future prospects".

Michiel Bosse, Manager

Think critically and act entrepreneurially

What does a manager do at Boer & Croon? We think critically when we are collaborating and push firmly to seize opportunities. We drive profitability and performance management, so we continue to invest in our people and our networks. Together, we deliver tangible and sustainable results in complex environments. We always think critically and act entrepreneurially.


We look for the right kind of perspective so as to guarantee the best results. As part of the cooperation, we think about things critically together and press ahead to make the most of opportunities. We always focus on the rate of returns, which is why we continually invest in our people and our networks. Together, we deliver tangible and sustainable results in complex environments. We always think critically and act entrepreneurially.


Our Managers are all highly capable and enterprising. They are deployed to realise solutions for the most wide-ranging management issues. Our Managers are themselves responsible for marketing the Solutions. Solutions are specific sub-areas where people develop specialist knowledge and utilise this in assignments in order to independently effect change and create lasting impact. The Solutions represent specialist knowledge and experience for resolving complex problems within the respective theme. Together with their team, each manager focuses on further expanding the Solutions and at the same time continues to develop themselves on an individual level as well.

You will be able to start work as a Manager within the following Solutions:
  • Finance & Technology
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Operations
  • Public Solutions
  • Strategy Realisation
  • Transformation & Realisation
  • Commercial Excellence
  • People Excellence
  • Transformation & Restructuring

You are never done learning

There are a variety of training opportunities. You decide what you want to develop and why it is of real value to you. Some examples of possibilities are: business acumen, leadership, professional agility, authenticity, coaching, lean principles etc. What do you need?

Have you now become enthusiastic to start working as a Manager at Boer & Croon? Good to hear! Below, you will find all information about or application process steps.
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We aim to complete the entire application process within approximately 3-4 weeks. The starting date is usually on the 1st of the month, although there is, of course, always room for some flexibility in coordinating this. Do you have any further questions about the application process? Please contact our recruitment department at



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various Solutions which you as Manager can join

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  • 1. Upload your CV
  • 2. Coffee date (optional)
  • 3. First interview
  • 4. Second interview
  • 5. Final assessment round

Apply via this website. Upload your CV and answer two questions about your motivation: 'Why are you interested in Boer & Croon?' and 'What interests you in the role of Manager?' We find it particularly interesting to hear why you fit in at Boer & Croon.


Frequently asked questions

How does Boer & Croon differ from other management consultancy firms?

As a Manager at Boer & Croon, you think, do and achieve tangible results. You manage a team or carry out assignments independently, in which you make a real impact. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA and therefore also in the role of Manager. In addition to the substantive assignments that you do and in which you continue to develop, you are responsible, together with your team, for further developing the solution. This includes substantive development in the area of product development, writing articles, your own responsibility in recruiting new colleagues, generating new assignments and marketing the solution.

What does entrepreneurship entail at Boer & Croon?

Entrepreneurship can be given shape in various ways. At Boer & Croon, this can be done both internally and externally, and we find it particularly important that you do this in a way that suits you. For some, this means having the ambition to learn how to expand your network and make new contacts. We then facilitate you through training and by taking you to client meetings together with the solution partner. For others, it suits you better to focus on content and be commercially active by extending assignments, keeping your ears and eyes open on assignment and creating opportunities to place additional colleagues in a department where there is also an issue. Publications on a subject in which you have proven yourself are also among the possibilities. The way you want to shape and develop your entrepreneurship is something you discuss and evaluate with your solution partner.

What are my growth prospects?

When you start as a Manager, as soon as you show sufficient progression and ambition in both your assignments and entrepreneurship, you can make the transition to Engagement Manager. As Engagement Manager, you will be given an individual commercial target to work towards over the course of a year, and it is conceivable that you will carry out several assignments alongside each other. After a number of years of successful performance, development and ambition in this area too, there will be opportunities to grow into the role of Director. This step means that your assignments will increase in weight and complexity and your individual sales target will rise. Depending on your development in this role and the space available within Boer & Croon, there are opportunities to grow into the role of Partner.

How is the work-life balance within Boer & Croon?

At Boer & Croon, we love our work but we also get pleasure from our hobbies, sports or our family. We believe in personal responsibility, which in our case means that you are the best judge of when it is necessary to temporarily work some extra hours, but also to feel when it is time to refuel. You do this in consultation with us and your client. In short, when the desired result is achieved, you are free to choose the way you work towards it.

What are the development opportunities within Boer & Croon?

At Boer & Croon, we believe in continuous development. Every year, you and your solution partner discuss your development wishes and objectives for the coming year. When it turns out that a training or course that you would like to follow has added value both for you and for Boer & Croon, there are many possibilities. In addition to the individual training options, each solution looks at which collective training courses contribute to a thorough and current level of knowledge within the team.

Where in the country are your assignments located?

Primarily in the Randstad area, but our assignments are spread throughout the country. When this means travelling further, Boer & Croon facilitates suitable transportation for every employee and, if necessary and possible, an overnight stay.