Interim Management

We realise and optimise change. By coming up with ideas and acting along with you.

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An Interim Manager from Boer & Croon immediately and significantly increases the organisation's effectiveness. He or she helps you reach your strategic goals, solve crises, manage a major change trajectory, complete a merger, or temporarily hold down the fort. Boer & Croon offers you fitting solutions and the optimal combination of know-how, calibre, and character.


Dedicated like no one else

Boer & Croon engages people in the process of change. We are dedicated like no one else. As part of your team, we collaborate on solutions that we also realise together. Since 1973, we have been carrying out high-level assignments for organisations in all manner of sectors.

Impact from the inside out

We do this with lots of driven and capable colleagues. And with many hundreds of managers who have made a significant contribution to both the business community and the public sector. Our interim managers are substantial heavyweights and social inspirers. People with excellent social skills with at least ten years of experience in positions with final responsibility. They make a positive impact from the inside out.

The Netherlands' best top managers

And for the past forty years, we have had an intensive relationship with the Netherlands' best top managers, who can all be employed as CEO, CFO, COO, CCO and CHRO; on executive boards and management boards; or in the role of programme or process manager for complex processes.
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Boer & Croon Communities


Boer & Croon has been specialising in major change trajectories, restructuring and recovery for decades. We have an extensive track record when it comes to large restructures and high-profile rescue operations. But also with smaller projects at industrial companies, service providers and non-profit organisations. Several experienced directors and change managers have affiliated themselves exclusively with Boer & Croon as Associate Partners.
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The Healthcare Community offers comprehensive and sustainable solutions that improve the performance and quality of your healthcare organisation. For the client, we provide added value because he or she hires a manager who brings the knowledge and experience of an entire team and is supported in this by the other fields of expertise that Boer & Croon has. Sharing experiences and putting them to work for our clients is therefore the main reason for setting up our Community. We not only fill a position temporarily this way, but we can also lead strategic change.
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CEO/COO Community

Boer & Croon is result-oriented and has a unifying way of working. All members of our Community have earned their stripes: as CEO, Managing Director, COO, Supply Chain Director or CPO. In our work as interim managers, we build on our years of management experience and are supported by the extensive network of other Boer & Croon interim managers and Young Professionals. We can give advice, but we are primarily change managers with lasting impact.
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"I can see and feel the power of our network and the cooperation with young, energetic Boer & Croon-ers. This strengthens my impact as an interim manager during assignments".



The HR Community enables the successful and sustainable development of organisations and the people who work there. In good times and bad, like right now. We immerse ourselves in organisations and, together with the management, we translate your corporate strategy into a people-oriented strategy and realise this with professional support provided by HR. Determining, designing and delivering. The starting point is always a tailor-made approach, value creation and results. Together, we build on years of experience and an extensive support network of professionals and the young talent from Boer & Croon.
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CFO Community

The CFO Community has many varied and complementary experiences. We are all seasoned financial professionals who have held various (interim) positions in a variety of organisations. The key word for us is execution: making fast analyses and immediately putting improvements into practice. In addition, we all have our own specialties within the broader finance spectrum: from Private Equity, M&A to IT & Data and financing.
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