A well thought-out maintenance plan can not only save a lot of costs, it can also increase your company's performance. Not a superfluous luxury in a volatile and competitive market. Boer & Croon has developed a practical and data-driven approach that can transform your maintenance activities from a cost item to a value-adding powerhouse.

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Our areas of focus

Focus Areas
Our approach starts with bridging the gap between different departments. Often, departments such as Operations, Engineering, Quality, Supply Chain and Maintenance work in silos, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. By better aligning these departments, we can streamline processes, improve communication and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Our method goes beyond cost reduction. By applying a holistic approach and involving various departments, we help you achieve strategic goals. Think of increased output, better delivery reliability, higher product quality and greater employee satisfaction. And therefore a clear increase in value for your customers.

We believe there are four essential themes central to our approach:

  • Reducing failure frequency and (un)planned downtime: Unplanned downtime carries significant hidden costs. By leveraging available data and knowledge, we identify and fix the cause of failures.
  • From cost- to value-driven: Your maintenance department is perhaps the largest cost driver. By applying the standards within the Maintenance Excellence framework, we can significantly reduce these costs. Together, we ensure that maintenance is no longer seen as a necessary cost, but as a value-enhancing function.
  • Aging assets and new technologies: Aging assets must be maintained with changing technology and legislation. We help you make the right strategic decisions to keep your operations running while controlling costs and risks.
  • Resource- & Vendor management: Finding the right people and keeping up with their skills and knowledge is a task that cannot be underestimated. Sometimes outsourcing maintenance activities for non-critical assets or certain areas of expertise is the right choice, especially with changing technologies. We provide the right processes and organization.

Our unique approach

Our approach
Our approach begins with a thorough assessment of your current maintenance organization, processes and tools. We then prepare a gap analysis and develop an improvement plan. Finally, we implement this plan and provide coaching to your team during this process.

Our unique approach, based on the Maintenance Excellence framework and founded on ISO 55000, helps you increase the efficiency of your maintenance organization. This improves performance on multiple KPIs such as cost, failure frequency, throughput and risk management.

At Boer & Croon, we believe in a hands-on approach that goes beyond traditional consulting. We work closely with your organization to achieve measurable results that actually improve your operations. We know from experience that change doesn't happen overnight. That's why we stay involved in monitoring the goals set during the assessment phase.

Together, we can create a future where your maintenance activities play a crucial role in the success of your business. Our credo is 'Get it Done' and that's exactly what we do. Want to know how we can help you increase company-wide performance? Then get in touch with us.