To improve the quality of the nursing domain, V&VN wants to set up a Knowledge Institute. However, the V&VN organization was not yet clear what exactly this Knowledge Institute should be and how it could be organized. Therefore, V&VN engaged Boer & Croon to help formulate what the Knowledge Institute should be and how it could be set up effectively and quickly.

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What was the challenge in the organization?
To create a shared direction within V&VN about what the Knowledge Institute is and how it can be organized.

What do you see as the success factors to achieve this impact?

  • Stakeholder management, to create support for the Knowledge Institute
  • Organize several working sessions to involve the different Teams in the development of the Knowledge Institute
  • Clear decision making processes to progress the direction of the Institute
  • Liaise with other Knowledge Institutes to take their lessons learned and apply them to the context of V&VN

What concrete impact have you realized?

  • Clear contours of V&VN knowledge institute defined
  • Final decisions taken on direction of knowledge institute
  • New Governance structure set up to secure quality funds
  • Better coordination between Teams on joint processes
  • Created support among members for the Knowledge Institute by identifying their needs
  • Layed the foundation of the V&VN Knowledge Institute from which to build further

    What role/approach did you (and your team) play in this journey??
    In the role of Advisor, I provided advice to V&VN on defining and setting up the Knowledge Institute. In this role, I engaged with various stakeholders (staff, colleagues and members) to identify the contours of the V&VN Knowledge Institute. By conducting a member survey, conducting several interviews and supervising several working sessions, it became clear who the Knowledge Institute is for, what the Knowledge Institute does and how it can be organized. In this way, I wrote a Master Plan Knowledge Institute, describing the concrete actions V&VN must take to set up the institute.