The turn-around & Restructuring community consists of highly experienced (interim) directors in the field of Turn-around & Restructuring: Mark de Haas, Jochem van Bueren, Anton van Dam, Rob Schuyt, André Hooijman, Cees den Ouden, Ton Christiaanse, Wilfred van der Maas and Ties de Ruyter de Wildt.

HR groep


The Turn-around and Restructuring community was formed to safeguard quality and experience and to offer high-quality services. The affiliated specialists are all highly experienced and have chosen to share their knowledge and experience together and offer their services from a professional platform. Boer & Croon has specialised in large change processes, restructuring and recovery for decades and has an extensive track record of major restructurings and high-profile rescue operations as well as smaller projects at industrial companies, service providers, and not-for-profit organisations.

Transformation manager/director

Boer & Croon is regularly asked to supply a transformation manager or director. This concerns a temporary role to support the board or the management so that a transformation can be supervised by an experienced administrator/director. This person is given a solid mandate and reports directly to the supervisory bodies, the public sector administration, financiers and other stakeholders.

Supported by proven methodologies, models and a solid network of experts, this administrator/ director takes on various tasks for the transformation. This administrator/director has great problem-solving skills and is almost exclusively involved with the transformation. This way, the permanent administrators/directors have their hands free for day-to-day operations