Transformations in the healthcare sector always involve a number of important stakeholders. Boer & Croon plays a central role in this field of heavyweights and acts as a supervisor in order to realise successful transformations together with the stakeholders.
Each year, we carry out over 100 assignments within the healthcare sector, of which more than 20 involve restructuring projects.

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Transformation and restructuring are commonplace in the healthcare sector. Healthcare funding is under pressure and the labour market is tight. Many healthcare organisations have to deal with unhealthy balance sheets and/or a lack of liquid assets. There is increasing pressure from banks, health insurers, regulators and public sector administration. Or they fail to meet their objectives within the set budgets.


Since its establishment in 1973, Boer & Croon has specialised more and more in the healthcare sector. We work with pragmatic and result-oriented senior administrators, (programme) directors, and (project) managers who all have a proven track record. We work for hospitals, primary healthcare services, mental healthcare, elderly care, disabled care, and youth welfare services. And we are an experienced partner for health insurers, branch associations, umbrella organisations and research institutes.

We are being asked more and more often to oversee transformations and restructurings in the healthcare sector. We take charge from day one and achieve the reorganisation that is required. In doing this we focus on both short and long term results.


Our distinguishing capabilities


  • Administrator and transition directors with years of experience in the transformation of healthcare;
  • Experienced (support) team members for e.g., finance, HR, ICT, client/patient logistics and (healthcare) administration.


  • Proven work style and methodology;
  • More than 100 assignments within healthcare every year, including more than 20 restructures;
  • Commitment to positive financial results.

Strong network:

  • Network of more than 100 available healthcare administrators and experts;
  • Close cooperation with the legal profession and the 'big four' consultants;
  • Excellent business relations with the Special Management departments of all Dutch banks;
  • Active members of the Dutch restructuring community.


  • Statutory roles as well as project/programme management and expertise roles;
  • Small teams working closely with management and staff;
  • Flexible contract structures.


  • Achieving operational and substantive results in both the short and long term;
  • Focus on implementing, realising and ensuring that the transformation is secured.


1. Intake:
During the intake, we discuss the extent of the transformation and the make-up of the team from Boer & Croon.

2. Analysis and planning:
First of all, we carry out an analysis of the market situation, the products and services, the liquid assets and the legal framework. The role of each stakeholder is clearly defined, and together with the client, we look at what improvements are sought and achievable. Then the objectives are determined, such as improvements in performance levels, restoring trust and optimising costs and benefits. The systems, processes and the quality of the employees are also held up to the light in order to see where there is room for improvement. We put together a team with both employees from the client and experts from Boer & Croon.
Finally, we discuss the deadline by which tangible results must be achieved.
Timeframe: 2-6 weeks

3. Realisation:
The realisation of the reorganisation or transformation can take place on the basis of a statutory or programme role. The planned measures are carried out and the client receives periodic financial, operational and programme reports that focus on the objectives to be achieved, milestones, liquidities and balance sheets.
This requires full transparency on the results and any eventual sticking points.
At this stage, Boer&Croon also offers specialist support in areas such as HR, ICT, automation and in- and outsourcing.
Timeframe 6-18 months

4. Assurance:
The handover takes place following the evaluation with the stakeholders. It is very important in this last stage that the transformation is broadly supported within the organisation. This kind of transformation in healthcare is only really successful if the people on the ground are involved as much as possible, so that it has a solid basis and does not shift once the external professionals have left.
This is supplemented in most cases by a training and development programme.


Transformation manager/director

Boer & Croon is regularly asked to supply a transformation manager or director. This concerns a temporary role to support the board or the management so that a transformation can be supervised by an experienced administrator/director. This person is given a solid mandate and reports directly to the supervisory bodies, the public sector administration, financiers and other stakeholders.

Supported by proven methodologies, models and a solid network of experts, this administrator/ director takes on various tasks for the transformation. This administrator/director has great problem-solving skills and is almost exclusively involved with the transformation. This way, the permanent administrators/directors have their hands free for day-to-day operations.

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