Within the Red Cross, the Medical Department has grown rapidly. However, the strategy along with the governance structure is not future-proofed to handle this growth.

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What was the challenge in the organization?
Within the Medical Service, the strategy, governance structure and distribution of tasks were unclear. This created mutual tension within the organization.

What do you see as the success factors to achieve this impact?

  • An open and neutral attitude towards all stakeholders in order to arrive at an objective opinion
  • Sensitive subjects discussed during work sessions with all stakeholders involved
  • Besides the factual knowledge, the human side was also included in the new strategic design

What concrete impact have you realized?

  • Formulated a mission and vision of the Medical Service, consistent with that of the Red Cross
  • Consensus on which tasks fit the Medical Service's purpose
  • Decision-making processes established, based on financial and strategic considerations, in crisis and day-to-day operations
  • Consensus on filling and responsibilities for each (new) position.

What approach/role did you (and your team) play in this journey?
Together with a colleague, I filled the role of strategic consultant. In this role, I engaged with all stakeholders to gather information about the current and desired situation. I used this information as input for organizing start-up and governance work sessions. In addition, I was responsible for writing an advisory plan for a future-proof Medical Service, whose mission and vision aligned with that of the Red Cross.