Mevis commenced on 1-10-2023 where the request to us was to further take up the establishment of the organization and support the program director in setting up all prerequisites.

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What was the challenge in the organization?
The challenge Mevis faced was to be a full-fledged organization by 1-1-2023 and to have set up the organization in such a way that Mevis could carry the role as the responsible party for implementing youth aid in the South Holland South region.

What do you see as the success factors to achieve this impact?

  • Close cooperation between program director and project secretary
  • Fast-tracking and taking necessary actions- Creating support within the organization and keeping warm lines of communication with external partners
  • Setting up a basis in terms of processes, procedures and systems

What concrete impact have you realized?

  • Set up preconditions for a starting organization (legal/administrative/HR/internal protocols)
  • Complete ICT basis set up (roll out workstations 100+ employees)
  • Organizational structure set up within 5 months
  • Continuity of care for all clients in MVS region set up

What approach/role did you (and your team) play in this journey?
I had the role as project secretary. Here I was the connecting factor to both gather information and bring it to the right place. I also set up several projects. This was a comprehensive role:

  • Responsible for own work streams/projects (ICT/HR/Relationships/Suppliers)
  • Coordination on the various work streams and projects of the program, in order to promote mutual coordination and progress
  • Sparring partner and supporting the client