Our HR community helps companies to establish an HR policy that is in line with the aspirations and goals of the organisation. We believe this is crucial for success, now and in the future.

A senior interim HR professional from Boer & Croon immediately improves the organisation's effectiveness.

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Boer & Croon can supply the interim HR professional that your organisation needs.


The success of an organisation stands or falls depending on the quality of its employees. So it is of the utmost importance to have the right people in the right place. No matter how big or small an organisation is, a core task for the management is to have a good HR policy in place.

Sometimes an interim HR manager or director is needed because the circumstances call for a different kind of experience and expertise, as in the case of a reorganisation, merger, demerger or takeover. And sometimes because the company is growing exponentially or is in dire straits.

"No matter how big or small an organisation is, a core task for the management is to have a good HR policy in place."


Boer & Croon looks for the right HR professional who suits your needs and business strategy. Our senior HR professionals strengthen each other through their diversity of experience and expertise, which they share with each other within the Boer & Croon HR Community. This means that the senior HR professional can contribute to the successful and enduring development of your organisation.Whether you are on the eve of a transformation, a strategic change of direction, a reorganisation, or any other kind of development with a strong HR component, Boer & Croon's HR professional can take HR management off your hands (in part), allowing you to focus on other matters. Our interim HR specialists can be assigned to the following positions, among others:

  • Interim CHRO Director
  • Interim HR Manager
  • HR programme manager
  • Quartermaster

Why bring in an interim HR professional?

The most common reason for hiring an interim HR professional is the emergence of an acute need for specific HR knowledge and experience. Or due to the loss of an HR manager. By engaging an immediately available interim HR professional, the realisation of your objectives will not be delayed. You can take your time to look for a suitable candidate and do not have to make hasty decisions.

An additional advantage is that an interim HR professional, thanks to his or her broad experience at various organisations, will quickly spot additional areas for improvement.

Some organisations are too small to employ a permanent HR manager, but still want to pursue a professional HR policy. An interim HR professional can then offer a solution and lay a foundation for a good HR policy. Even larger organisations with their own HR department often need an interim HR manager with a specific expertise, such as in the event of a major reorganisation, a merger, branch closures or a severe shortage of well-qualified staff.

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The Boer & Croon HR Community is made up of very experienced Associate Partners: Dimitri Markidis, Hans Oosting, Thijs Brouwer, Rob Rutten, Peter van Asten, Nick van Sante, Robert Verkroost, Jorgen van Overbeek and Mark van Leeuwen.

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Tailor-made solutions

Boer & Croon offers appropriate solutions and an optimal combination of knowledge, experience, calibre, and character. As part of the client's team, we arrive at solutions together, which we also realize together. Our interim HR professionals find it important to have short lines of communication with the people in the organization and to involve them in all measures. Our interim HR manager is able to translate and implement the company strategy into a ''people strategy'', but the long-term follow-up must be done by the people in the organisation themselves. With a personal and transparent style, by building on years of experience and a broad support network, the HR Community is able to realise a successful and sustainable further development of an organisation and its employees.

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