The HR Community is made up of seven highly experienced (interim) managers in the field of HR, namely: Dimitri Markidis, Hans Oosting, Martijn van Faassen, Thijs Brouwer, Rob Rutten and Peter van Asten.

HR Community


The HR Community focuses on translating the corporate strategy into a ''people strategy'' and implementing this with the help of professional HR support. Our Associate Partners strengthen each other by sharing experiences and expertise and working together within Boer & Croon. Through a personal and transparent style and by building on years of experience and a broad support network, the HR Community achieves successful and sustainable development of an organisation and its employees.


The services of the HR Community mainly consist of taking on such roles from the position of HR Director or Programme Manager. They always strive to provide lasting, added value.

Whether you are on the eve of a transformation, strategic change, reorganisation, merger or split-off or a change or development programme with a solid HR component, the HR Community is your ideal partner. They are ready to assist you in creating an agile organisation or in managing a crisis that brings with it a lot of people-related implications. Often, we take this on from the position of CHRO or Programme Manager.

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