Boer & Croon's Healthcare Community is made up of four highly experienced (interim) managers in the healthcare sector: Daniƫlle Santen, Jeltje Schraverus and Leo Schoots.

Healthcare community


The Community is characterised by its diverse and complementary experiences. Each of them offers a wealth of knowledge and experience, gained from several demanding (interim) positions. By pooling their strengths at Boer & Croon, they have created a valuable platform for sharing their knowledge and expertise and helping and strengthening each other. In addition, support is available from Boer & Croon's other areas of expertise where needed. This allows the members of the Healthcare Community to not only fill a temporary position at your organisation, but they can also lead sustainable strategic change.

Provision of Services

The services of the Healthcare Community are aimed at realising sustainable changes in healthcare organisations. The members have consciously chosen to put their talent and knowledge to work on an interim basis. You can hire them as a temporary replacement of a board member or as a heavyweight in complex (change) processes within healthcare.

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Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about the approach and the results delivered by the Healthcare Community? Then please get in touch with one of the members or Anoesjka van Aanholt or Janneke van der Kruijs at Boer & Croon