The National Coordination COVID-19 Combat (LCCB) is being disbanded after more than three years but has no clear landing spots for its current duties.

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What was the challenge your organization faced?
Knowledge and experience gained within the LCCB in the COVID-19 crisis should be secured and tasks should be transferred to other organizations - involved in pandemic preparedness.

What do you see as the success factors to achieve this impact?

  • Extra attention to mutual trust and understanding is the basis for successful cooperation, we connect and are people-oriented
  • Structure and a tight preparation have been fundamental to accelerate on different topics
  • In addition to functional consultation, having an eye for a good atmosphere!

What concrete impact have you finally realized?

The development and implementation of the Periodic Review between LCCB, VWS, RIVM, LFI and Testing Service resulting in improved mutual understanding, trust and insight into each other's organization and interests. This has improved collaboration in the chain of science (RIVM), policy (VWS) and coordination of implementation (LCCB).

What approach/role did you (and your team) play in this journey?

​As project manager, I ensured strategic alignment and collaboration within various program lines of the LCCB and between LCCB and various organizations involved in COVID-19 control. Good stakeholder and change management played a major role in this assignment. Timely informing and connecting stakeholders had my attention. I also pushed hard for tight preparation and structure in the monthly cycle of the periodic review