Meet Teun van Zweeden, a Finance & Technology Consultant at Boer & Croon. With a background in Economics & Business Economics and a master's degree in quantitative finance, Teun brings a unique blend of financial expertise and technological proficiency to his role.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly and tell us who you are?
'Of course! My name is Teun van Zweeden, and I grew up in Haarlem. Since a young age, I have always had a passion for the economic aspect and numbers. I studied Economics & Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam. During my bachelor's degree, I discovered that I was particularly enthusiastic about the more quantitative courses. That's why I chose to pursue a master’s degree in quantitative finance, where I delved into working with data, using tools like Excel and Python, and extracting value from data.
Apart from my work, I am also a sports enthusiast and enjoy watching sports events.'

Why Finance & Technology

What is your professional background, and how has it influenced your career?
'My professional background focuses on finance and technology. Through my studies and work experience, I have built a strong foundation in both financial aspects and technological applications. I have gained experience in various projects, where I was involved in analyzing and improving financial processes such as billing, order-to-cash, and purchase-to-pay. This experience has expanded my understanding of business processes and taught me how to use technology to achieve efficiency and optimization.'

Why did you choose to become a Finance & Technology Consultant?
'My choice to become a Finance & Technology Consultant stems from my interest in both data and the social aspect of the work. As a consultant, I can leverage the value of data while utilizing my qualitative and communication skills. The combination of finance and technology is a logical choice for me because it is highly data-driven. I find it fascinating to work on data-related challenges while being able to communicate and collaborate with various stakeholders.'

Finance & Technology at Boer & Croon

What was your motivation for joining Boer & Croon, and how did you end up here?
'My motivation for joining Boer & Croon was based on several factors. I wanted to collaborate and engage with professionals who have a financial background. I was looking for a balance between a small consulting firm and the larger ones. After seeking advice, I decided to focus on medium-sized consulting firms, and that's how I got in touch with Boer & Croon. During the interviews, I was attracted to the professionalism and personal approach of Boer & Croon.'

How have you experienced your time at Boer & Croon in the past few months?'

The past six months at Boer & Croon have been very educational and challenging since it's my first professional job, and everything was new to me. In the beginning, I felt like I was swimming, but now I'm gaining more control over my work and understanding better what is expected of me. I can add more value to the projects I work on.'

Developing as a Finance & Technology consultant

What important lessons have you learned during your time as a consultant at Boer & Croon?
'An important lesson I have learned is to take ownership of my work and take responsibility for the results I achieve. I have also learned that it's important to think outside the box and take initiative to improve where necessary. This is appreciated within the company and helps add value to projects. Additionally, I have learned the importance of bringing positive vibes to the team and the client, working together to achieve successful outcomes.'

How do you stay up to date with the latest developments in finance and technology, and how do you apply them in your work?'

I stay up to date with the latest developments in finance and technology by attending events and seminars, reading professional literature, and taking online courses/trainings. I then apply this knowledge in my work by sharing it with my colleagues and clients. In my current assignment at AB&C Holding, I work on invoicing, order-to-cash, and purchase-to-pay processes, using my knowledge of technology and data to improve and automate these processes.'

What are some skills you need to be successful as a Finance & Technology Consultant?

'To be successful as a Finance & Technology Consultant, several skills are essential. Flexibility is important to deal well with people and quickly adapt to new situations. It is also important to recognize problems within the organization and be able to take quick action. Collaborating with the project team is also crucial because it leads to better results and a good work atmosphere. Having in-depth knowledge of finance is also necessary.'


What are your future plans and ambitions in your career as a Finance & Technology Consultant?
'My future plans and ambitions in my career as a Finance & Technology Consultant are to deliver value to clients and help businesses for the next 3 years. I want to further develop myself in the fields of finance and tech. Additionally, I want to attend the mandatory trainings at Boer & Croon and take extra trainings to develop myself quickly and effectively at the beginning of my career.'