We are happy to share the impact stories of our Young Executives and Managers from last year working within our healthcare solution.

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Espria - Inge Laane - Young Executive

What was the problem within the Espria organisation?
Espria consists of 8 healthcare organizations that together use approximately 15 million euros in subsidies. However, both the organization, the application process, registration and accountability at the decentralized level are suboptimal.

How did we help Espria?
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Bernhoven - Aileen van der Neut - Manager

What was the challenge in the organisation?
A financial savings program for 20 million euros had to be set up in order to make the necessary (re)investments for the coming years. It also appeared necessary to intervene in Bernhoven's operational management in order to guarantee future-proof operations.

How did we help Bernhoven?
Guusje Elsen

Mevis - Guusje Elsen - Young Executive

What was the challenge in the organisation?
The challenge Mevis faced was to be a full-fledged organization by 1-1-2023 and to have set up the organization in such a way that Mevis could carry the role as the responsible party for the executive youth aid in the region of Zuid-Holland-Zuid.

How did we help Mevis?
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Red Cross - Thomas van Burk - Young Executive

What was the problem in the organisation?
Within the Red Cross, the Medical Department has grown rapidly. However, the strategy together with the governance structure is not future-proof to cope with this growth.

How we help the Red Cross?
Maxime Gits

GGD - Maxime Gits - Manager

What was the problem in the organisation?

The National Coordination COVID-19 Combat (LCCB) is being disbanded after more than three years but has no clear landing spots for its current tasks. The tasks need to be divided elsewhere

How did we help GGD GHOR NL?
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V&VN - Maartje van Wijk - Young Executive

What was the challenge in the organisation?

To create a jointly supported direction within V&VN about what the Knowledge Institute is and how it can be organised. 

How did we help V&VN?
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Artsen Zonder Grenzen - Coen Zeeman & Pauline Gabriëls

What was the challenge in the organisation?

Artsen Zonder Grenzen has grown rapidly in recent years. A comprehensive audit revealed that many critical organisational processes had not been mapped. Due to high staff turnover, much knowledge is lost and the wheel is constantly being reinvented.

How did we help Artsen Zonder Grenzen?
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Stichting Maitrie – business plan arbeidstekort in de Haagse zorginstellingen

Wat was de uitdaging in de organisatie?
De Haagse Ziekenhuizen en ouderenzorgorganisaties hebben – net als in de rest van Nederland – te maken met stijgende arbeidsmarkttekorten in de zorg. Traditionele manieren van werving bieden geen soelaas. Stichting Maitrie wil daarbij helpen om als stichting zonder winstoogmerk statushouders met een zorgachtergrond en non-EU personeel met een zorgachtergrond, voor langere tijd in te zetten in de Haagse zorginstellingen. Stichting Maitrie had een business plan en business case nodig om van concept naar project te komen.

Hoe hebben we Stichting Maitrie geholpen?