Our added value lies in our professionals with unique knowledge and experience

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Our added value

  • Practical Experience
    Our people actively work as employees in healthcare. Know healthcare from the inside out.
  • People-oriented
    Work from genuine interest in the other to get it done together with the client organization.
  • Durable change
    Emphasis on lasting behavioral change and internal ownership after a project is completed
  • Energetic & positive
    Contagiously positive attitude that brings the organization's ambitions to life.
  • Results-oriented
    Pragmatic approach to achieve concrete goals and be able to celebrate results.


As quickly as needed, we temporarily fill administrative positions and board and management roles. We have a broad network of available interim candidates. Some highly experienced (interim) healthcare administrators are also exclusively connected to Boer & Croon through our Healthcare Community.


  • Young Executives
    Are trained to become leaders of the future who bring result-oriented acceleration. In roles such as project leader or advisor.
  • (Senior) Managers
    Guide transformations with fresh thinking and proven results. In roles as program managers, advisors or interim managers.
  • Ervaren bestuurders
    Senior counsels and Associate Partners, available as sparring partners and discussion leaders.
  • Experts
    The best within their field, available for ad hoc thinking.
  • Technology Partners
    Top specialists with a proven track record in value creation in healthcare and supporting processes.
  • Overige Boer & Croon Management Solutions
    Experts in our functional domains of Strategy & Transformation, Finance & Technology, Operations, and People Excellence.