Espria consists of 8 healthcare organizations that together use approximately 15 million euros in subsidies. However, both the organization, the application process, registration and accountability at the decentralized level are suboptimal.

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What was the challenge in the organization?
Increase grant awareness and knowledge on the subject in the organization. In addition, establishing a central grants coordination desk.

What do you see as the success factors to achieve this impact?

  • Working closely with stakeholders within the various healthcare organizations.
  • Mapping and structuring ongoing grants within the healthcare organization.
  • Introducing new practices, systems and internal role descriptions.

What concrete impact have you realized?
Establishing a central grant coordination office and, in addition, reforming an internal investment fund into an Innovation Fund with new procedures and funding methods.

What approach/role did you (and your team) play in this journey?
I fulfilled the role of project coordinator. Here I was the initiator of the project and it was my job to bring together all the necessary actors and information within the healthcare organizations. This then formed new working methods, systems and internal role descriptions.