Our strength lies in the people we work with

An organization functions optimally when everyone participates. Therefore, we treat everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves. Every colleague should be able to be themselves in a safe and inclusive environment. In doing so, a diversity of colleagues provides a better connection to the issues at play in organizations and in society. This also supports our promise to solve complex issues and deliver sustainable results.

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Our commitment

We are increasing diversity and inclusion within Boer & Croon so that we are a reflection of Dutch society.

In terms of gender and age diversity, we have a nice balance. In the coming year, our focus is on increasing our bicultural diversity and the other forms of the diversity spectrum.

Diversity and inclusion is urgent because:
  • We want to create an environment where everyone feels at home and can excel
  • Developing top talent is our priority
  • We strive to make a sustainable and lasting impact with our clients

Feel at home and excel

By providing space, our colleagues can excel and learn from a broad perspective. Diverse individuals make a powerful team that achieves lasting results for any issue.

Developing top talent

Boer & Croon selects professionals with a 'get it done' mentality: pragmatic, openly involved, personal, and results-oriented.

Our flat, transparent organization offers room for development, creativity, and responsibility, allowing the talent of our professionals to continue to excel. In doing so, a diverse and inclusive environment encourages thinking outside the box.

Sustainable impact

The best solution comes from approaching an issue from different perspectives.

We work to make a positive impact and believe in change from the inside out. With a strong network, proven leadership and young talent, we are committed to our clients and network partners every day.

We serve clients in the heart of Dutch society and want to be a role model for our network. This requires an effective policy on diversity and inclusion.