The Finance & Technology team of Boer en Croon Management Solutions is focused on the development of finance teams. In doing this, we look at the optimal mobilisation of people, processes and technology.



Are there any inexplicable financial entries on your balance sheet? Unable to get a grip on your debtors? Endless stacks of invoices? No insight into supplier discounts and other contractual agreements? Swamped by your daily work so much so that you are unable to analyse it properly? Time to do a thorough analysis and take a firm approach to all your problems, their causes and improve the underlying processes to prevent this from happening in the future:

  • Analyse the current situation:
    Using data analysis, among other things, to determine what the problem is and how it arose.
  • Optimising the underlying processes:
    - Purchase to Pay
    - Order to Cash
    - Record to Report

"Impassioned people deliver better financial processes and (annual) end-of-year accounts."

Marianne Kuiper, Director Finance & Technology

Consolidation & Corporate Reporting

Take advantage of more than 30 years of experience in optimising (financial) processes. With our knowledge and expertise as chartered accountants, we can help you with:

  • Assessment of the quality / clarity of the balance sheet documentation
  • QuickScan of the quality of the dummy annual report
  • Assessment of the planning that has been drawn up for the entire year-end audit
  • Liaising between your organisation and your accountant to avoid any unexpected costs and keep a grip on the timeline
  • Guidance on amending documents
  • Sharing observations after completion of the year-end audit
  • Advice on improving future end-of-year processes

Even if you are about to consolidate for the first time, or if you are faced with a cumbersome consolidation process every year, we can help you set up a sound process (with or without the corresponding tooling) so that it runs smoothly in the future.

Enterprise Performance Management

As a CFO, are you capable of bridging the gap between a plan and reality in a way that is sustainable? We help you to realise your business strategy. We formulate financial objectives based on a clear vision together with you.

Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) team supports you by:

  • Formulating the right financial objectives
  • Making these objectives measurable and improving the predictability of results
  • Working towards achieving "one version of the truth" in reports
  • Eliminating error-sensitive and time-consuming manual work by automating your financial processes
  • Coming up with ideas with you and giving advice on the organisational structure and the qualifications that your employees need.
  • Je consolidatie, budgeting & forecasting en rapportageprocessen te optimaliseren

  • Conducting a software selection that is suited to your needs
  • Testing out the advantages of using new technologies, such as RPA and artificial intelligence
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"Our ability to deliver as a strategic business partner stems from our proven methodology, our strong partnerships and our expertise in finance."

Johan Traa, Partner

Data & Management Information

Data analytics: How do you make the best data-driven decisions? We help you to develop the best analysis that provides you with the most useful facts. So that you no longer have to make decisions solely on the basis of a gut feeling. We help you with:

  • Determining the strategy
  • Collecting relevant data
  • Transforming the data so that this is useful for analyses
  • Actual data analysis
  • Storytelling

Management reports:

In these challenging times, the need for insight and control is greater than ever. Management teams know better than anyone that much-needed managerial information is not always available. This is despite the fact that correct, complete and up-to-date information is crucial for making the right decisions at the right time. Therefore, with our knowledge and experience in this field, we are happy to help you with:

  • (Re)formulating your KPIs (financial and non-financial)
  • Mapping out the information needed to measure KPIs
  • Retrieving and analysing managerial information stemming from your organisation
  • The creation of an adequate KPI dashboard
  • Implementation of tooling that best suits your organisation and your wishes

Software Selection & Implementation

Are you facing a difficult choice where software is concerned? We have more than 15 years of knowledge and experience with the selection from suitable suppliers and with the subsequent implementation of software.

Future Financials

Alongside our CFO network, we have built up a reliable, solid network of young, ambitious finance professionals. They have ample experience to act as the 'right hand' of a CFO. You can also deploy them as financial controllers, business controllers and financial analysts. They are specially selected on the basis of e.g. the following core competencies:

  • A sound financial basis
  • Knowledge of tooling with regard to dashboarding, analytics and financial systems
  • Hands-on attitude, excellent communicative skills, quick to get to the heart of a problem, highly adaptable, capable of engaging the people around them at every level.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like more information about the options that we can offer your organisation? Then please fill in the contact form or get in touch with Johan Traa (Partner), Marianne Kuiper (Director Finance & Technology) or Kirsten Ariesen-Bakker (Director Finance & Technology).