An interim CFO from Boer & Croon immediately increases the organisation's decisiveness. He or she helps to achieve strategic goals, complete a merger, or temporarily strengthen the fortress. Boer & Croon provides the interim CFO that your organisation needs at this moment.

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The experience of our interim CFO contributes to optimizing the financial basis, sees opportunities and knows how to turn adversity around. They are the experts who inform shareholders and financial analysts in a professional manner and know their way around the world of finance and accountancy.

The interim CFO also comes into the picture when the business situation requires experience and expertise that is not available internally. Think of a reorganization, a merger or a takeover. Or because the company is growing turbulently or is in dire straits.

CFO Community

Boer & Croon's CFO community consists of a number of highly experienced financial professionals who have held various (interim) positions in a variety of organizations. Each professional also has a specific specialism, for example Private Equity, M&A, IT & Data and finance.

The CFO Community of Boer&Croon consists of seven highly experienced (interim) managers: Hein Breekveldt, Arjan Kaaks, Harmen Peters, Sjoerd Schaafsma, Bert Schouws, Rogier van Veenendaal en Auke van der Meer.

What distinguishes us is our effective working method: fast analysis and immediate implementation of improvements. Because the financial health and decisiveness of our customers is paramount. Our CFO community works closely with the experts of our Finance & Technology Solution. This ensures that the right expertise and manpower is always available for immediate action.


This community is the flexible shell that can be deployed for the required expertise and manpower. Think of Finance Managers, Business Controllers, Register Controllers and Register Accountants. Finally, where necessary, we also work closely with a number of niche players (specialists), software vendors and implementation partners in order to achieve the best possible result for your issue.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about the Interim CFO Community? Then please contact Eelco Koehoorn.

Why an interim CFO?

Why hire an interim CFO?

The main reason for hiring an interim CFO is the need for additional experience and expertise during a reorganization or after a merger or acquisition. The right expert does more than just observe current affairs. He or she is able to provide immediate leadership and make the right decisions necessary for the continuity of the company's financial performance.

Another advantage of an interim CFO is that he or she has seen a wide variety of companies from the inside, each with a different financial structure and form of reporting. With that wealth of experience, the interim CFO quickly sees areas for improvement within a company and knows how to implement them independently. Moreover, they have worked with various accounting firms and know the ins and outs of financial reporting.

A 'Startup' that is not yet ready for a permanent CFO can, with the right interim CFO, already establish a solid financial structure and lay the foundation for reliable financial reporting to the Management Team, shareholders and external auditors.

Move to permanent CFO

Move to interim

For fast-growing Startups, where the CEO has been handling financial matters until now, the appointment of an interim CFO can be a good way to see if the organization is ready for a permanent CFO. The CEO has more time for other matters and the experienced interim CFO can set up the financial structure that will secure the company's growth. After a test period, the added value of the Interim CFO can be evaluated and, if necessary, a permanent CFO can be appointed.

The appointment of an Interim CFO can also be more interesting than the appointment of a permanent CFO in other cases. After all, it is not necessary to negotiate about matters such as a share package or options, as is usually the case with a permanent appointment.