Bernhoven was found to have such financial deficits in 2021 that intervention by the SB was necessary.

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What was the challenge in the organization?
A financial savings program for 20 million euros had to be set up in order to make the necessary (re)investments for the coming years. Intervention in Bernhoven's business operations also proved necessary to guarantee future-proof operations.

What do you see as the success factors to achieve this impact?

  • Rapid redesign of change & communication strategy and stakeholder management setup to bring peace back to the organization and stakeholders
  • Quickly set up objectives with a reporting tool to steer by objectives
  • New way of project management introduced to implement projects successfully
  • Close cooperation between Board of Directors and program manager.

What concrete impact have you realized?
Setting up a savings program for the conversion of approximately 20 million in 2022/2023, of which 11 million savings have already been realized in 2022. In addition, the establishment of preconditions (especially digitalization of care processes and business management processes) for further savings, and the delivery of a reporting structure for the coming years.

What approach/role did you (and your team) play in this journey?
As a strategic program manager, I set up a program in addition to stakeholder management and change & communication. The program included with the following components:

  • Review of procurement management
  • Staff reduction
  • Optimize and digitize healthcare and business processes
  • Revenue maximization