Executive search

The success of an organisation depends on the people who work there. Bringing together the best managers and board members is an important task in a world where there is heavy competition for talent and leadership. Boer & Croon and YESS find the candidate who fits the ambitions and culture of the organisation, with the right knowledge, experience, personality, and leadership qualities.

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How we can help

No company is the same. Every organisation has its own culture and unique challenges for growth and development. In addition, each industrial sector has its own specific characteristics.

Through years of experience and knowledge of different sectors, YESS can help fill a senior management position.

Medium-sized companies

YESS has an extensive network of professionals at senior management level and the two management layers below. These professionals have the necessary competences to set up and execute a successful long-term strategy.

Private equity owned

YESS assists in the selection of entrepreneurial executives and the filling of key positions when investing in a new company or when the organisation is acquired by Private Equity. YESS supports the development of a strategic team. This enables the investor to make well-informed decisions about the restructuring process that will benefit the growth potential.


Your start-up has developed and built a successful business model. This brings with it a number of crucial next steps: building and professionalising the management team, optimising the business processes and accelerating profitable growth.
YESS will facilitate this up-scaling through a combination of executive search and leadership development. Due to our approach you can, on the one hand, attract enterprising candidates for key positions and, on the other hand, develop your current team in a talent-oriented manner. Together they make the difference.

Important themes in the phase from start-up to scale-up:
  • Rapid growth
  • Internationalisation
  • Professionalisation
  • New shareholders

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