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Boer & Croon helps with management challenges. Finding the best leaders for your organization is such a management challenge. You are looking for the candidate who fits the ambitions and culture, of the organization, with the right knowledge, experience and leadership qualities. YESS, Boer & Croon's executive search team, quickly brings you into contact with the right candidates.

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How we can help

No company is the same. Every organisation has its own culture and unique challenges for growth and development. In addition, each industrial sector has its own specific characteristics.

As an expert in the business world and 'not for profit' organisations, at YESS you will find the right discussion partner for filling a senior management position.


A clear long-term strategy is of great importance. This applies to family and listed companies as well as to organisations with a partnership structure.

YESS has an extensive network of professionals in these types of companies. These professionals have the right competences to set up and execute a successful long term strategy. Our consultants understand, like no other, the changing dynamics and specific culture that characterise medium-sized organisations. YESS supports you in identifying best in class candidates and evaluating and optimising your executive team and the layer below.


YESS helps you to select entrepreneurial board members and fill key positions when you invest in a new company or when your organisation is taken over by Private Equity. We support the development of a strategic team. This enables your organisation to make well-founded decisions about the restructuring process that will benefit its growth potential. Our consultants understand that the cooperation between the portfolio company and the Private Equity firm is crucial for a successful buy & build strategy.


Your start-up has developed and built a successful business model. This involves a number of crucial follow-up steps: building and professionalising the management team, optimising the business processes and accelerating profitable growth. YESS takes care of this scale-up through a combination of executive search and leadership development. In this way you can, on the one hand, attract enterprising candidates for key positions and, on the other hand, develop your current team in a talent-oriented way. Together they will make the difference.

  • Rapid growth
  • Internationalisation
  • Professionalisation
  • New shareholders


Multinational companies are an important breeding ground for talent. They attract the best professionals and pay much attention to personal and professional development.

The Netherlands has relatively many (regional) head offices of multinationals and YESS regularly works for these organisations. Our consultants focus mainly on management roles within staff departments, such as Finance, Risk & Control, Tax & Treasury, Investor Relations, HR, Legal, Compensation & Benefits, Corporate Development, Digital and Consumer Insights.
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