Executive search

Boer & Croon helps with management challenges. Finding the best leaders for your organization is such a management challenge. You are looking for the candidate who fits the ambitions and culture, of the organization, with the right knowledge, experience and leadership qualities.
YESS, Boer & Croon's executive search team, quickly brings you into contact with the right candidates.

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A match that works

Meet Margreth, Marco, Edith, Anoesjka or Seerp. The people of Boer & Croon and of YESS. In 2020, Boer & Croon has strengthened itself by acquiring YESS. Together, we now have almost 50 years of experience in executive search.
So we have been active for decades in many dynamic markets and functional areas. With interesting success stories and a good track record. Our working method is characterised by a personal, transparent and structured approach. Our knowledge of the developments within organisations and industries is central to this. Due to our professional background, the close cooperation and involvement of our employees and our attention for the 'person', we quickly identify the ideal candidate.

People always make the difference within organisations. They are the ones who define and achieve the objectives, develop new strategies and implement professionalisation. The most sustainable success factor within an organization is therefore making an informed decision about new professionals, managers, and board members.

Boer & Croon only does Executive Search in the healthcare sector. YESS works for clients in all other sectors. YESS is based in Amsterdam, in the premises of Boer & Croon, and works nationally.


Boer & Croon has a long tradition of matching candidates for organisations in health care and youth care. We find the most suitable supervisors, managers, and directors.
Contact Anoesjka van Aanholt for the healthcare sector


YESS consultants' strategy is based on our knowledge of the relevant industry and function, and our many years of experience in executive search. Our executive search associates map out the career paths of ambitious professionals and potential senior managers within a wide range of business sectors and functional areas.

Our consultants have themselves held management and consultancy positions for many years. As a result, they have an extensive network and understand the challenges and expectations within your company. They make the connection between talented candidates and the key positions within your organisation. Boer & Croon and YESS are both partners of SER Topvrouwen and contribute actively to realising the reflection of society in the top of organisations. YESS was founded in 1989 by Egon Zehnder.

The generic core competencies of top candidates are:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Result orientation
  • Leadership and change management
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal effectiveness