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We are your experienced partner for finding the right candidate. Fast and reliable. We are people experts with a broad network in all branches.

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Boer & Croon and YESS have a long history together. Since 1973 we have been active in the field of executive search in many markets and positions for professionals. Boer & Croon is responsible for permanent positions in the public and healthcare domain. YESS for permanent positions in business, cultural institutions and NGOs.
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Our executive search process is transparent and highly structured. Our experience and knowledge of the developments within organisations and industries are at the heart of this. We find the best candidate, who matches the development phase of the organisation and the team. Our professional commitment and our attention to personal skills guarantee that. Our network is made up of supervisors, executives, management board members and professionals and is continuously being expanded on the basis of the search assignments we are working on. Our network, our knowledge of the market, good intake interviews, careful and transparent process guidance and critical assessments all contribute to finding the most suitable candidate.


When it comes to Executive Search, working in partnership with Boer & Croon or YESS offers many advantages. Our small, specialised teams work efficiently and have extensive knowledge along with an active network. We make a thorough selection and quickly bring you into contact with the right candidates. This makes an immediate difference in your organisation and saves time, money and opportunity costs of the wrong hires.
Executive Search
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Our ambition is to help the healthcare sector make progress in the areas of cooperation, quality and innovation. We see the strengthening of leadership as the key to this. New leadership is desperately needed to shore up the capacity for change in healthcare organisations. For decades, we have been shoring up the healthcare sector in the Netherlands across the board. With the best people and the best solutions. From hospitals and research institutes, to elderly care and youth welfare services. And we are an experienced partner for health insurance companies, branch associations and umbrella organisations.


YESS helps you to find entrepreneurial board members and to fill key positions when you invest in a (new) company or when your organisation is taken over by private equity. We support you in developing a strategic team. This means that your organisation is able to make well-founded decisions about, for example, a restructuring process. And that benefits the growth potential. Our consultants understand that the cooperation with the portfolio company and the private equity firm is crucial for a successful buy & build strategy.

In addition to searching for portfolio companies, we also specialise in attracting investment professionals for private equity firms themselves. We are highly experienced in finding all tiers of professionals, from Associates to Directors and Partners.


A clear, long-term strategy is crucial for family businesses as well as for publicly listed companies. We at YESS have an extensive network of senior professionals with the right skills to devise and execute successful strategies. Our consultants understand the specific culture, professional development needs and changing dynamics of mid-size organisations like no one else. YESS supports you in identifying and attracting best-in-class candidates and evaluating and optimising your team of directors and the management layer beneath that.

"Not: what or who do you need, but: where do you want to go?"

Margreth Jonk, Partner Yess - Boer & Croon


Finance & Technology is a prominent field in every business. The demand for transparency and management information is growing. The use of predictive technologies also continues to gain traction and have an influence on Finance Function. The CFO of today works with perpetual change, spurred on by technologies such as blockchain and the use of big data. YESS will find your future-oriented CFO and the group managers behind him/her. We are active in areas such as Accounting, Reporting and Controlling, but also especially in Strategy & M&A and Business Data & Analytics.


Demands from customers and consumers are constantly changing. And increasingly faster as well. Digitalisation of processes makes these demands more and more personal. For years YESS has been supporting both large and small organisations in finding and connecting best-in-class candidates who shape this digitalisation and make it successful. We have a good network with COO's, CTO'S or Directors in the field of Product & Innovation management. Our track record is not limited to rapidly growing innovative tech companies and 'pure players'. We also know the right people for more traditional companies that are undergoing digital transformation.


When your startup has developed and built a successful business model, then it is time for the crucial follow-up steps: building up and professionalising the management team, optimising business processes and accelerating profitable growth. YESS makes your scale-up happen through a combination of an executive search and leadership development. This enables you to attract entrepreneurial candidates for key positions while at the same time developing your current team with a focus on talent. So that together they will make the difference.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about the options we can offer your organisation? Get touch with Margreth Jonk & Edith Koetsier (YESS) or with Anoesjka van Aanholt (Healthcare).

Veelgestelde vragen

How long does a search take?

A regular search takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks, during which we introduce available candidates immediately. We also offer an accelerated search of 4 weeks.

Do you have a specialization?

Boer & Croon works broadly in the Healthcare and Public markets. YESS works for companies in the profit sector at board level and the management layer below in all sectors and in most disciplines. In addition, YESS works for NGOs and cultural institutions.

Do you also work internationally?

YESS works internationally and for international companies. Boer & Croon works in the Healthcare and Public domain only in the Dutch market.

What is the fee?

The fee depends on the complexity of the assignment. All searches are customized. The fee is determined in advance and is a fixed amount.