Proven Leadership – Young Talent

We excel through a combination of decades of experience in solving leadership issues and access to the most talented young executives in the Netherlands.

Core values

Our approach is based on a personal commitment to you, your goals and your organisation, coupled with a firm focus on practical results. We offer flexibility and a personalised approach and consult with our clients throughout each project. Our professionals can think on their feet and are decisive in their actions.

We continue to improve our services every day based on our key attributes: communicative, effective, driven and professional. These are the qualities we all share – the qualities that unite us and define us and which are reflected in all our actions.

Boer & Croon performs by its own Code of Conduct and is ISO 9001-certified. We are committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and support diversity in the workplace.

Young Executives

This staffing solution blends proven leadership with young managerial talent. Our Young Executives are engaged by clients looking to find solutions to a variety of management dilemmas and organisational issues. These services are linked in a unique way to a comprehensive Management Development programme which enhances our key attributes – communicative, effective, driven and professional – and meets clients’ requirements. We believe in adopting a personal approach, as each project calls for both specific expertise and a certain type of personality. We consider both these criteria in our selection process.

Young Managers

Young Managers are people who critically analyse the organisation where they are employed and their own added value within that organisation. Young Managers are different from project managers in that they are more likely to drive change within an organisation. They are always looking for opportunities to make a long-lasting impact within the existing organisation. Young Managers are ready to let go and move on to the next project once they know their job is done.


Boer & Croon is known for its strong network at the highest levels of the corporate world and the public sector, as well as for the robust networks of independent professionals who have allied with Boer & Croon.

In tandem with changes in society, sector specialisation and the development of the internet, we continue to evolve and expand our networks. We build communities of professionals affiliated with a specific sector or professional field and connect these networks with those of our clients.

Our scope is not restricted to managers who are actually available; we also liaise regularly with managers in permanent positions who will soon be ‘on the market’ again and ready for the next challenge.

Our people

Boer & Croon employs a team of some 70 professionals, each with their own attributes and unique qualities. We believe our strength lies in diversity. Our people are united by a common goal and a desire to propagate our core values and by a commitment to finding the best solution for our clients. We share a belief in forging connections, seeking endorsement, and in pursuing professionalism and executive strength. Within our own organisation, we achieve this by being part of that organisation. Together, we guarantee success. Learn more about us on the ‘Our People’ page.

A history spanning more than four decades

We have been creating value for our clients since 1973 by placing top executives from our network in high-calibre temporary positions, often with some degree of urgency. For more than two decades, we have been placing our talented Young Executives with clients in positions as project managers, interim managers and consultants. Through a combination of proven qualities at the highest levels of our associates’ organisations and the drive and potential of our young professionals, we believe we offer a one-of-a-kind concept.


At Boer & Croon, we believe in strong networks. To be able to think and act on your feet requires a solid repository of expertise, which is why we have been part for the past 20 years of the organisation we co-founded: EIM (Excellence in Management). EIM’s values are in keeping with our own core values and company culture: belief in people as agents of change and a driving force behind innovation and successful transitions.

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