ESG challenge

The impact of ESG

Towards sustainable business models

Companies are under pressure to maintain their market position while building a sustainable future. To do so, they will have to continuously invest in product development and innovative services.

ESG: a set of EU regulations, is high on the corporate agenda. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and refers to the three central factors by which the sustainability and social impact of an investment can be measured:

  • Environmental: how can you contribute to a sustainable future by reducing your environmental impact and investing in green initiatives?
  • Social impact: how can you contribute to a healthy and energetic society by pursuing equality, diversity, inclusiveness and respecting labour rights?
  • Good governance: how to create long-term (brand) value and trust through transparent and ethical governance and accountability of policies.

ESG and our expertises

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ESG community

Besides management solutions, Boer & Croon has thematic communities in which interdisciplinary issues are worked on. Always with the same goal in mind: Get it Done!

  • Johan Traa, as a Finance & Technology solution partner, has been introduced to the ESG topics that are on the agenda of the CIO, CTO and CFO. So for example on reporting, KPI and steering information.
  • Steven van Dalen is senior manager Strategy & Transformation and an expert in chain cooperation and chain responsibility.

Within our unique network of management partners are interim managers with experience and expertise in every conceivable area of the ESG legislation.

Our approach

The secret of our solutions is collaboration. Not just on paper, but in our customers' everyday practice. We really become part of your team. And we only leave when everyone on this team works with the solutions we have developed together.

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