Energy in Public Transport

A source of opportunities for the future
Public transport is a major consumer of electricity, and it needs to be considered in all scenarios surrounding energy transition. It can be both a source and a solution to grid congestion, an issue with not only technological but also political-administrative components.

Public Transport

Public transport is also a major electricity consumer, in addition to businesses and citizens. At first glance, this seems like an added complication. But if you look closely, ProRail's overhead line is also just a distribution channel. With an entirely separate network, of which only 20 per cent is used, it can lighten the regular electricity grid.

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Energy in Public Transport Community

Besides management solutions, Boer & Croon also has thematic communities, on which interdisciplinary issues are worked. Always with the same goal in mind: Get It Done!

  • Robin Coester, partner of Strategy & Transformation, is well-versed in mobility and the energy aspects of public transport.
  • Hans Bongartz is a partner in Strategy & Transformation and an expert in energy transition.

Within our unique network of associate partners are interim managers with experience and expertise in every conceivable area of energy transition.

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Our approach

The secret of our solutions is cooperation—not just on paper but precisely in everyday practice, where uncertainty and complexity are present, and guts are needed to connect the energy market and the public transport sector. We really become part of the direction, design, and implementation teams. We will not leave until everyone in OV works on the energy transition solutions we have developed together.

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