Cyber security challenge

Cyber security

Lock on the digital safe

A selection of recent headlines. A university has been down for days due to ransomware, the distribution centre of a food chain has been hacked after a digital break-in at a webshop, all customer data is out on the street, and power plants have experienced an increase in cyber attacks. What if your organisation faces one?

  • NIS2 directive: this European directive focuses on risks that threaten networks and information systems and can disrupt the economy and society. Our experts can help meet NIS2 obligations.
  • Raise awareness: among the board and management of cybersecurity and the impact of NIS2 on the organisation. We train employees and help conduct crisis drills.
  • Risk analysis and drafting protective measures to protect your network and data from external intruders.
  • Business continuity plan: together with crisis management protocols, this can ensure that your organisation continues to operate in the event of a disaster. We also identify alternative supply chains in time and prepare management using scenario planning.

Our Technology community

Besides management solutions, Boer & Croon has thematic communities in which interdisciplinary issues are worked on. Always with the same goal in mind: Get it Done!

Michiel Overgaag
is partner Public with security as one of his areas of expertise. Michiel wants to help make the digital services of the (semi)public sector for citizens and companies more flexible, better, and sustainable.
Johan Traa
is partner Finance & Technology and helps clients draw up the right digital strategy, improve financial processes and implement new technology.

Within our unique network of Associate Partners are interim managers with experience and expertise in every security and technology field imaginable.

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