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A barrier-free healthcare sector

Working together for accessible care

Due to care demand growth, labour market shortages, digitisation issues and new medical technology, the pressure on healthcare to reorder itself is more significant than ever. Access to care is at stake. And healthcare employees demand a future vision with perspective.

  • Regional cooperation between different types of healthcare institutions (semi)public and private parties is needed for future-proof care. Portfolio choices and new organisational structures are required to reshape patient flows. This puts traditional relationships and certainties under pressure. We help shape this cooperation based on realistic expectations and best practices.
  • Digitalisation and deployment of technology contribute to accessible and high-quality care. The tightening labour market is accelerating this, but there is also great promise for the professional and the patient/client. Transmural digitalisation, in particular, can create a lot of value. Our specialists can suggest and implement the right digital strategy.
  • Healthcare institutions need to automate, optimise processes and maximise human potential to remain future-proof continuously. Keeping employees interested and committed is also important to prevent a care infarct. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI can relieve caregivers and free up the hands needed at the bedside.
  • The financial health of healthcare institutions is essential for the accessibility of healthcare now and in the future. Strengthening the business case of healthcare institutions is necessary to re-create room for innovation in times of financial tightness.

Healthcare and our expertises

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Healthcare Community

Besides management solutions, Boer & Croon has thematic communities in which interdisciplinary issues are worked on. Always with the same goal in mind: Get it Done!

  • René Backker is partner Healthcare and knows the sector inside out. He previously worked at OPG, Alliance Healthcare and Alcure.
  • Anoesjka van Aanholt is partner Healthcare and focuses on interim management and executive search in the healthcare sector.
Within our unique network of associate partners are interim managers with experience and expertise in every conceivable area of the Healthcare sector.

Our approach

The secret of our solutions is collaboration. Not just on paper, but in our customers' everyday practice. We really become part of your team. And we only leave when everyone on this team works with the solutions we have developed together.

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