Ymere is the largest housing corporation in the Amsterdam metropolitan region, with over 72,000 homes owned. It has a crucial role as a market leader and significant social responsibility to tenants, to make sustainable housing affordable for lower-income residents.

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Strategy & Execution

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By 2023, costs for repair maintenance and facade maintenance had steadily increased, while performance results, such as turnaround times, tenant satisfaction, and project readiness, fell short of expectations.

The ultimate goal of Boer & Croon in this assignment is to increase tenant satisfaction by gaining insight, controlling costs and implementing structural improvements in the repair maintenance process.

The question

Ymere asked Boer & Croon to solve two strategic and operational challenges, namely:

  • To uncover the root causes of cost increases in repair and façade maintenance and explore whether these cost increases could potentially be avoided, and;
  • Examining the repair maintenance process and advising on process optimisation, filtering out inefficiencies and improvement in internal and external collaborations.

The approach

Our approach consisted of:
1. a cost analysis, and;
2. vetting of the repair maintenance process.

We conducted a comprehensive document analysis during the study focusing on costs, quotations and invoices. In addition, we conducted interviews with employees and organised workshops to gather different perspectives. We also spent half-day sessions with different functions that have a role in the process. The results of this part of the study were then discussed and validated in discussions with management. Here, we looked at organisation, process, systems and chain cooperation with external parties.


We started working with a multidisciplinary team from Boer & Croon consisting of four colleagues of different seniority and expertise. In this case, there is a final manager, a project lead, a financial analyst, and an operations specialist, all in close cooperation with colleagues from Ymere.

The result

Analyzing around 30,000 repairs, including costs, making incremental improvements, and proposing optimisation opportunities for the integral maintenance process could potentially save more than 15% of the repair maintenance budget.

Get it done

This is a typical Boer & Croon assignment because the emphasis is on both practical advice that can make an immediate impact and long-term goals. In addition to providing advice, Boer & Croon is always able to implement the advice in co-creation with the customer.