NS wants to achieve even better results, to digitalise more quickly and to respond to changes more easily and quickly. To achieve this, NS wants to become an agile mobility company.
Eveline Stolk, senior manager Transformation & Program Management at Boer & Croon, is working as interim cluster leader on the transformation at NS.

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Transformation & Program Management

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Achievement of strategic objectives

At Boer & Croon, we believe that successful organisations constantly adapt to their constantly changing environment. But this does not always happen by itself.

Eveline Stolk: "With our Transformation & Program Management team, we help organisations achieve their strategic objectives and the transformations required to do so, in order to remain future-proof. This is exactly what I do within the Dutch Railways.

The transformation within NS focuses, among other things, on improved results management: steering results per value chain, across departments, with the help of multidisciplinary teams."

Driver of change

"As interim cluster lead, I am responsible for one of the change domains within NS. I was temporarily brought in to shape part of the transformation, together with the transformation team of NS and the line organisation. As cluster leads, we act as temporary drivers of change. The primary goal is to create a stable organisation and management for our part of the transformation and at the same time achieve concrete results (in terms of content). In addition, we are driver, figurehead and ambassador of the transformation."

"It's a great role, first and foremost because our task touches the heart of NS: driving the train. In my cluster, one of the things I work on is optimising the utilisation rate of the rolling stock: how do we deploy the train fleet in the best possible way for passenger service? This brings me into contact with the entire organisation. In addition, I am working on determining and developing the capabilities required to improve the company's structural management of asset utilisation. It is a very interesting field and NS is also a great organisation to work for."

The match with the solution

"This assignment fits perfectly with the core of our proposition: a transformation with high complexity in content and a multidisciplinary character, in which we intensively cooperate with colleagues from the entire organisation and strive for structural result improvement. What I like is the combination of focusing, designing and doing. Where are we going? How do we translate strategic goals into concrete results? And how do we organise the change movement, get going and get everyone on board? In doing so, I am responsible for the result, but I do not do the work alone: I do it together with my NS colleagues."