Crown of Holland is a cocoa processing factory
owned by Tradin Organic. Orders have ramped up over the years and the factory
has expanded exponentially. Boer & Croon helped to optimise stability
within the factory.

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Tradin Organic
Operational Excellence

Cacao beans


How did we go about optimising the stability of Tradin Organic's cocoa processing factory?

Lean & Six Sigma tools were introduced and implemented within the factory.


The project manager was responsible for (1) streamlining production, (2) aligning various teams with various procedures and (3) creating a problem-solving culture that was structural in nature (rather than hurried). In order to further support the new approach, a variety of Lean & Six Sigma tools were introduced and implemented inside the factory.


The stability of the cocoa processing plant was improved, enabling Tradin Organic to fulfil the proposed orders for 2019 (in other words, sustainable growth from 13,000 to 20,000 MT of processed cocoa beans per year).


Sustained growth of processed cocoa beans per year


All proposed orders fulfilled

Project team

Haico Spijkerboer


Gydo Matthijssen