A large company in the automotive industry was
struggling with a lack of operational progress, fleeing customers and planned
closures of factories.


Transformation & Restructuring

Case Automotive


The assignment for Boer & Croon was to restore profitability, bring the organisation back under control, renew management, restore customer relationships, and implement a long-term strategy.

"The bigger the problem, the more we are challenged."

Jos Zandhuis, partner


Action is taken across many fronts inside the organisation in order to initiate restructuring. Several management roles, such as CEO and CFO, are taken over and a large, complex factory in the middle of Europe is completely reorganised. The CEO and owner of the company make regular visits to customers in order to rebuild the relationship of trust. The organisation is also being prepared for market consolidation and new products are launched. In addition, the focus is on vertical integration and 'operational excellence'. Financial reports are also greatly improved. Meanwhile, a '5-year business plan' has been drawn up with the ambition to achieve substantial growth again.

The company is profitable and growing again, even during the difficult year of 2020.


The improved customer relations enable programmes
to be won and the establishment of a highly promising pipeline. The originally
family-owned company is once again fully in the hands of the family. All kinds
of new investments and acquisitions are now under consideration. The management
team and the Board of Directors have been replaced and the company is once
again profitable and growing.

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